Monday, March 16, 2015

House Sitting

Look at what cute house/cat sitters we are?
My cousin Jill asked me to watch her cats for a few days while her and her family went out of town.
She lives out in the country and I didn't want to be alone! 
Victoria beat out Andy, because he was working nights that week. Night time was the only time it was scary there!
We arrived on Tuesday and I spent all my time either cooking for Victoria or studying for my exam that was on Thursday.
We didn't get any picture of our first few days, because nothing real eventful happened.
On the first day, Victoria decided to take a bath in their Whirlpool. While it was filling up and we were in the kitchen, we heard a loud water related sound. We went running into the room only to find that the jets were going crazy and hitting the wall/book case. I went running to save the books and Victoria went towards the source of the water problem. It ended with us finding out that one of the cats jumped up on the tube and hit a button on the remote setting the jets off. There was probably close to 1/2 inch of water on the floor and none of the books were permanently damaged!

During one of my late night study breaks, Victoria and Selner were downstairs playing pool. I decided to join in, but instead I found the families Rollerblades! I use to be good at rollerblading, but I haven't worn a pair in 10 years. I convinced Victoria and Selner to join in on the fun. It made for some great snap chats! I'm sure people that suck at rollerblading shouldn't be doing it on concrete basements floors without helmets, but we survived! 

Thursday night my friend Elisebeth planned a mini-reunion for some girls that we graduated high school with. The original plan was for me to host at my house, but since I was house sitting we moved the get together to my cousins house.

Last time I house sat, I planned a small girls night that turned into a great, but very drunk time.
I decided to just buy a bottle of wine to keep things sober-ish. 
Before everyone arrived, we decided to just have one drink made with southern comfort.
I just didn't want to risk anything happening, because I got lucky last time that nothing got trashed. 
Of course, when Victoria and I drink together we like to keep the good times rolling.

So the night didn't end with just wine being drank.
I found rollerblades that I literally wore for hours.
I cooked hamburgers while hammered in rollerblades.
It made for a lot of great snapchats, which is why I only have these pictures to add to this post.

I'm pretty much a pro at rollerblading now!
My hips only hurt for two days afterwards.
After the sober guests left it was just Victoria, Sydney and I.
The night just got more humorous/ridiculous with just us three.
Definitely one of those nights that can only be blamed on us being college students.

So why do people let me house sit?
I have no clue.
Probably because I leave their house looking spotless when they return and they have no idea what went on.
Good ole' college days.

Lessons learned:
  1. Rollerblading probably shouldn't occur when drunk.
  2. Never let college students house sit...except I'll probably let college students house sit in the future. I'm not good at learning lessons.
  3. Always replace alcohol! Victoria and I made sure we replaced all of my cousins alcohol, before she returned. Responsibility at its finest.

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Elisebeth Hovland said...

I believe you left out a very important lesson that you learned, Rae:
Don't get alcohol in your eye!