Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miss Representation

One of my favorite documentaries that I have watched so far is called Miss Representation(you can find it on Netflix). It was mainly about how women are represented in the media.

It just really spoke to me and of course my feminist self was just soaking up everything they were saying! I must admit documentaries are my weakness.

One of the main points was about how women and their bodies/sexuality are used to sell products.  My favorite quote about the subject was, "We need to challenge the media conglomerates to value women for more than their youth, beauty, and sexuality, and we must hold these companies accountable." -Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Amen! Why have we allowed this to occur? Turn on the TV and you are bound to find a half naked women being used to sell products to men, but at the same time we are calling these women derogatory names for doing this! Society is so messed up.

Another topic this documentary covered was the lack of women in leadership roles. Male politicians are trying to make laws regarding female bodies that they really have no idea about! My favorite quote about that is, "97% of everything you know about yourself and about your country and your world comes from the male perspective. It doesn't mean that it's wrong. It just means that in a democracy where you talk about equality and full participation, you've got half of the population, more than HALF of the population, not participating." Women make up 51% of society. Why are we allowing men to make important decisions for us? We need to start voicing our opinions.

I highly encourage both male and females to watch this documentary! I know feminism is often looked at in a negative light. As a female that grew up in the christian church, I know first hand how women have been taught to take the back seat on issues and let men handle things. It doesn't hurt to hear other peoples perspectives though!

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