Friday, March 27, 2015


Do you ever have an intense desire to be part of a time that you didn't exist in? For example, a decade that you wish you could have experienced, but you were not alive during. When I look at old pictures of my family I feel that desire. I want to know those people in that picture. Yes, I know that I do know those people, but I want to know the people they were when that photograph was taken. People are constantly changing and the person they were a year ago(or longer) might not truly be the person they are now. 

With the passing of my grandmother came old pictures and stories to accompany them. My grandmother was my age when the picture below was taken. She had just gotten married and was about to depart on her honey moon. I want to know what she was like before she knew what life had in store and the world was waiting for her to conquer it. She didn't know that she would have 10 children, but have to bury three in her lifetime. She didn't know she would be widowed at 55 and left with a farm close to bankruptcy. She didn't know that Alzheimer's disease would take her memory and eventually lead to her death. 
The only thing this girl in this picture knew was that she just married the man of her dreams and was looking forward to a lifetime of memories with him.

She didn't know that 66 years later she would have a granddaughter that wants to know everything about her, but all she has is old pictures, stories told by others, and a few amazing memories of her own.

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