Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pay It Forward

My roommate has decided to try to be a vegetarian...again.
She has been good for about a week, but then this conversation occurred...

I really try to be supportive of whatever new thing she wants to do, but I love steak and hamburgers and chicken! Yummy.
I wonder how much longer this will last.
On night, Victoria and I decided we were too tired to clean, but had enough energy to run to the grocery store for ice cream. We really know how to prioritize the important things in life. We were behind an older lady at the check-out and she told the cashier to put our ice cream on her bill! At first, we were completely against it and insisted on paying for our Ben and Jerry's ourselves, but she would not stop insisting and just said to "pay it forward."

I've paid for people behind me in the Starbucks line before, but I've never had a stranger pay for my stuff! It made our nights! I am definitely going to be paying it forward more often.

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