Monday, March 23, 2015


This lovely conversations occured while I was working at Pizza Ranch. In Green Bay, you can't smoke in any restaurant. I don't even know why this conversation occured.

Customer: Do you have an ashtray? I would like to smoke in here.
Customer: Are you from the east side?
Me: Yes.
Customer: I could tell. You have that east side white girl attitude.

Apparently, there is a difference between east side and west side girls in the BIG town of Green Bay.

My boss and manager are on to me...

Lori: Have you been losing weight?
Me: No, I don't think so.
Lori: Maybe, it's the liquid diet I've noticed you've been on.
Me: Liquid diet?
Lori: I creep on Facebook! I know all about you.
Amanda: I thought since you went to NEW(my old high school) that you were a little quiet good girl. I think I might have been wrong. There is a side of you that I have never seen, but that I like.
(5 minutes later)
Lori: I'm giving you a raise.

I actually got a raise that day! It was my second one in two weeks.
Just a casual way to explain how you know about something...

Victoria: When I was getting arrested for shop lifting I asked a cop about that.

Just to clarify she has since given up her shoplifting activity, because no one wants to be in Walmart jail.

Things you overhear at a showing for Fifty Shades of Grey

Sue: Ain't no way I would let a man tie me up! I'd tie him up though.

Fun fact: There was a Pure Romance table set up at the movie theater when Victoria and I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey. I guess it's a good marketing ploy...

Reason #1 not to let a kid get a does make for a funny story.

Victoria: So what tattoos do you have?
Anna: You can't judge me if I tell you! I got it when I was fourteen...and I got my name tattooed on my ankle. I didn't know what I wanted and my sister convinced me to do it!