Monday, April 13, 2015

Edward 40 hands

These are the nights that memories are made up of.
Fast forward 30 years.....
"Hey mom, why are there pictures of you with beer duct tapped to your hands?"

"Let me tell you about a magical time in life in between being a kid and having to be an adult. It's before mortgages and stretch marks. Even though I blame you for my gray hair and wrinkles, I'm sure the stress of balancing partying and somewhat having my shit together was the real culprit. It's a time when you become best friends with strangers you just met and you form a bond with people the next morning as you re-evaluate your life decisions, but in the end it is just part of a great story."

So the explanation will probably include the typical parent response of, "I was young and foolish. Don't follow in my foot steps, because you need to become a doctor or lawyer" ,but I will thinking what I wrote above.

You only get a small window of time where pulling off these shenanigans is not completely looked down upon. I just want to be 80 years old and to be able to show my grandchildren that Grandma could party with the best of them. Everything I do is for the grandchildren.

In all seriousness, we decided to do a modified version of Edward 40 hands. The duct tape ended up bruising my knuckles and having to chug beer tends to get you drunk very fast. Who knew? I ended the night in bed with a very drunk Kaden, who I just met that night. My mom said I'm only allowed to sleep in the same bed with a male if he is gay. I followed your rule this time, mom!

Kaden, Victoria, Whitney, and I all had to work in the morning, but after a very long shift the next day, I don't regret a single beer. 

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