Monday, April 6, 2015


I will have my first day off of work in two weeks this upcoming Saturday! I've been working my ass off, because I plan on taking the summer off and traveling. I could have had this past Saturday off, but a family who pays me $10 an hour to watch their kids asked if I was available for 6 hours. I could not pass up $60 for playing with kids!

In between working and school, I've managed to have some fun!

Thursday night after work some of  Victoria's friends came over. No one was drinking, except Victoria, which lead to a funny time. When everyone left, Victoria and I ended up laying on the front porch taking pictures, snap chatting back and forth with my cousin, listening to music, and just talking. Towards the end our neighbor opened his garage to bring out his garbage cans. I can only imagine what went through his mind when we saw us.

I worked Friday morning/afternoon and afterwards Victoria and I went to Olive Garden to eat.
We decided to start off the night with some over-priced drinks.
Then we headed over to Seroogy's Chocolate and bought some Easter candy.

While waiting for the group to arrive I decided to work on some homework.
I have to right a paper for my A&P class and could not settle on a subject.
I was two drinks in and working on my third when I decided to write about how alcohol negatively affects the heart...

The girls finally arrived and fun was had!
I love hanging out with Victoria's friends, because they are people that I probably would have never approached myself. It's a good way to get to know all kinds of new and interesting people!

We drank a lot at our place, had our designated driver bring us to another party, got taco bell, and made it home at 3am. Victoria had to be up at 6am...

The next day was Easter!
I typically ask off for holidays, because I figure that when I'm a nurse I will be working a ton of holidays, so why do it now? 
Easter has never been a big holiday for my family so I decided not to ask off.
I got paid time and a half, plus we were steadily busy all day, so I never was bored.
I think it is a bonding experience with your coworkers to work on a holiday.
You all make jokes about what a great "holiday" it is and just feel connected, because you would rather be with family, but are stuck together instead.
So, maybe that doesn't sound that "bonding", but I also love shopping during the holidays, because the crowds make me feel happy.
I also got this sweet text message from Ilia's mom. She gave my number to her friend Michelle and I've babysat for them a few times. Apparently, she thinks I'm awesome!

I hope you all had a great Easter!

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