Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Way Down Wonderers

Where did April go?
This year is flying by and I'm not a fan.

A few weekends ago, before Andy and I broke up, I got to wear Connors Airforce gear! It was like 60lbs and I almost died. My line during the entire night was, "Are you ready for battle?" and I would shout it at anyone who did not look ready for battle. I'm a true American.
 Victoria and I tried out sobriety for a full week! 
We spent Friday night listening to The Way Down Wanderers.
Check them out on YouTube!
They are adorable and have amazing songs!
They actually came into Kavarna and invited Victoria to their show.

The whole sobriety thing was fun, but then I ran into an ex-boyfriend at the grocery store who invited us to a party. So our Saturday involved an afternoon of movies and pizza with Victoria's dad and a party where the music as on point the entire time! It was fun until the ex got drunk and decided to get a little handsy. It is never okay to grab your ex-girlfriends ass, unless she asks for it, which I did not in this case. 

Victoria's dad has us watch a super weird movie. If you want to watch a movie that messes with your head look up Coherence! I was talking about it for the rest of the night. It's kind of like Inception where it really makes you think and never gives you a clear explanation. 

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