Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yes Please

I recently read Amy Poehler's memoir, Yes Please. I'm a sucker for books written by female comedians! Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Colonna, and Heather McDonald are a few who have written books that I have enjoyed. My favorite quotes from Amy Poehler's book are mentioned in this post.

"I believe great people do things before they are ready."

I have dinner plans with Victoria and Brittney on Friday night! I watch Brittney's kids during the week and we never seem to have enough time to chat in between her coming home and me leaving. This past Monday I stayed an extra hour just talking and her husband came home to us talking about politics. He laughed at how into the conversation we were. Which might sound boring, but we love getting into deep conversations about stuff like that. So we decided that it was time to hang out without interruptions.

"I think we should stop asking people in their twenties what they "want to do" and start asking them what they don't want to do."

Whenever Victoria and I announce that we want a low key weekend it turns into the complete opposite. We have a low key drinking night planned for Thursday, a bonfire/party to attend on Friday night after our dinner, and Saturday is our recovery/study day. Add in us working all of those days makes for a busy weekend. The life of a college student is always on the go.

"This is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her! Not for me."

There was a drug bust near my house! I live in a middle class mostly white neighborhood so that kind of stuff never happens! That description sounded racist, but oh well it describes my neighborhood. There were about 10 cop cars around the neighborhood. When doing a drive-by like the nosy neighbor that I am I saw a cop hiding behind a house with his gun drawn. They also had drug dogs! It was cool. I don't know how it ended.

"I learned almost all the people in a working kitchen are having sex with each other."

The quote above is so true! I work in the food industry and there is always something going on with my co-workers. The gossip you hear is always entertaining!

"You have to be where you are to be where you need to go"

I officially have all of my money saved for my summer road trip! My goal was to save at least $200 every month, but I love budgeting and I got addicted to seeing my money add up so I reached my end goal way ahead of time! So now I'm saving for my trip to Thailand. Wait, what? Yeah, during winter break Victoria, myself, and a few other girls want to go to Thailand for a month! It's a beautiful place and it's cheap to travel to! I just want to get a lot of traveling under my belt, before careers and a family enter the picture. My goal in life is to enjoy every chapter of my life to the fullest and not rush to the next one. College is the time for small paychecks and big adventures.

"By all means walk drunk. That looks hilarious. Everyone loves to watch someone act like they are trying to make it to safety during a hurricane."

That is all I have for you, folks. I feel like I am doing a lot better this year with blogging. It has become more of a hassle to update this blog, but once I do it and re-read it months down the road I am so grateful to have those memories preserved!

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