Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What I've been watching

I honestly do not have a "popular" taste regarding what I watch on TV(or Netflix). I get that stupid funny is really popular, but the only stupid funny show that I have gotten on board with is Parks and Rec. My taste fits very well with the early 2000s hits (One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls) and the PBS watching crowd (documentaries, Downton Abbey). It's a rough life loving those things when my generation is quoting The Office and Family Guy.

These three are my most recent finds on Netflix...

1. Women Who Make America

This is a documentary that I loved!!! It goes through important women in the past few decades who have really stood up for women and their rights. It also shows the history of the feminist movement and why it exists. 

2. The Bletchley Circle

It's a murder mystery drama with four females as the leads. It's based a few years after World War II and also talks about the war, which is a time I find fascinating to learn about. This series is well written and I got a little history lesson too. If you are not a fan of shows based in the past or murder mysteries you probably won't like it. 

3. Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

After watching The Bletchley Circle I was craving more of that type of series. So I typed in "Murder mysteries" on Netflix and this show popped up. I was a little skeptical, but I had time to waste so I watched the first episode and fell in love with Miss Phryne Fisher. It's a show based on a lady detective in the 1920s. She's as feminist as women could be in that time, her outfits are always on point, and she's pretty much my hero.

I'd love to hear what you guys are watching, because my list of things I want to watch is dwindling!

Monday, May 25, 2015


Victoria and I spent the day finalizing plans for our US summer road trip. We have been planning and saving since the end of last summer and I can't believe it's only a month away! We are hitting Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and then all of the states we are rushing through in order to get back to Wisconsin.

Start Date: June day after we spend almost a week at a music festival drinking...that's going to be rough.

Return Date: August day before I have to be back from a mandatory school meeting.

It's going to be one hell of an adventure. We are going to be in desperate need of showers, a good nights rest, and a proper meal at the end of it.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Pink Panty Droppers.
I have witnessed the power of that drink on three separate occasions.

1. The Introduction
Sarah and I were introduced to that deadly drink during spring break in Florida our senior year of high school. That night lead to us starting a party at the hotel pool, chatting up a call girl, having a German guy try to get Sarah and I to partake in a threesome, and then we woke up in the same zipped up sleeping bag...

2. Bathroom Floor
Sarah decided to bring out the drink for her 19th birthday party. That night ended with her practically dead on the bathroom floor and me holding her head next to a puke bucket. 

3. Memorial Day Weekend
Why did I think that it was a good idea to pull out the big guns for a third time? 
What started out as a nice casual drinking party up north turned into exactly the opposite.
The best part was when my parents decided to stop by(Victoria and I were hanging out with mutual friends of my parents and they got an invite to the party too) and I already had Asian eyes. What are Asian eyes? When you are so far gone that you can barely keep your eyes open. Is that offensive to say? I recovered quickly and the night was so weird that I don't even want to blog about it. 

Those damn Pink Panty Droppers always stirring up trouble.
Hopefully, I have learned my lesson.

I hope you are all having a good Memorial Day weekend! 
I like to think that it is officially summer now.
I'm looking forward to all that this summer has to offer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Those plates

While babysitting the other day I let one of the little girls run around with my phone. She decided to take hundreds of pictures on it.
We tend to take pictures at events we want to remember or photograph things of importance to us.
So it was fun to scroll through the hundreds of pictures and see what a 4 year old thought was worthy of being photographed.

She took pictures of more important things like her older sister, baby brother, and her dog, but I appreciated the random items. They were things that I would not consider to be picture worthy, but she did. I consider my friends and the sheninigans we do to be worthy of being documented and she is in a time of life where her toys and random objects have a lot of meaning. The mind of a child will always amaze me. 
Am I thinking to hard about these random pictures? Probably. But it's still a reminder to appreciate the small things in life. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The results are in

I recently took an online test to see if I would be considered an alcoholic. Why? Because Victoria and I always joke about it and we have been partying a lot lately.
My results are....

Say what?
Apparently, I should seek professional help...
Or just listen to the disclaimer and not listen to the results.
I also included the answers they asked and my answers to them.
So you can decide if you think I should be considered an alcoholic.

College is fun!
Normal college student activities turn you into alcoholics.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tree Hugger

On Saturday, Victoria and I both had off of work and decided to spend it in Door County.
It was the perfect time to go, because the tourist have yet to make it crowded!
The weather was great for exploring, because it wasn't too hot, but not too cold either.
Victoria dragged me out of the house by 9:30am on my one day off!
Once I got some coffee in me I forgave her.

We returned to Cave Point.
A few months back we had an amazing girls night spent at Cave Point.
It's was a lot safer this time of year, because there was no chance of us slipping on ice and falling off of the cliff!

We then went to Peninsula State Park.
We visited the lighthouse and hiked the 2 mile trail on the bluff.
It was beautiful!

We then ate at one of my favorite pizza places Big Tomato in Fish Creek.
I've ate their almost every time I've gone to Door County.
After stuffing ourselves with pizza we walked around the town and did a little shopping.
There was a "Help Wanted" sign in almost every store front.
They are hiring for the summer if anyone is interested!

It was a lovely day spent with my roommate and a great way to relieve stress.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

I always feel like I never do enough for my mom on Mother's Day.
She deserves the world!
I bought her a tea kettle that actually whistles.
She has this ancient one and always forgets about it, because it doesn't make a sound when ready.
Since I worked from 10-4 I took my mom out to dinner.
She requested Mexican food and I had just the place!
It's a small hole in the wall type of restaurant, but she loves those kind of places.
We had burritos, horchata, and guacamole.
My sister was suppose to tag along, but stayed home sick instead.
Afterwards, we ran to Target to buy chocolate for her sisters.
It's their first mothers day that they are celebrating without their mother.
My mom just wanted to do something in memory of her.
We then visited my aunts and headed home.

I can't imagine having a better mom.
She's my rock.

Monday, May 11, 2015


I've been spending a ton of time with Victoria lately.
With finals right around the corner we decided to keep things low key and focus on school.
I love having a good time with a group of people, but sometimes it's important to relax and do low key things.

One evening we decided to explore the woods by my house.
It was nice to walk and talk for an hour surrounded by nothing but nature.
I pretty much spent my entire childhood playing outside and exploring nature.
Technology and a busier life has taken up more of my time and my adventurous spirit has been used in other ways. 

Now that I think about it I spent a lot of time playing unsupervised in the woods.
I clearly was raised in a generation before people thought that kids needed to be supervised at every moment. Kids are missing out now days! My parents pretty much let me do my own thing while growing up and that has never changed. They clearly had more important things to do then watching and controlling what their child did. That probably explains a lot about me.

So if you want an adventure in the woods I can go with!
I would love to show you around what was once my playground.

Friday, May 8, 2015


I went to half-price apps at Applebee's the other night with my friend Kayla. Our late night dinner chats always go on for hours, much to the annoyance of our waitress, and I look forward to them. Kayla and I don't hang out much outside of these dinners, except for the occasional girls night and/or party that we have with our shared high school classmates. It's fun being able to reminiscence on the good ole' high school days with someone that was there, because have you ever tried to explain a funny story to someone that wasn't there and they just don't understand? Yeah, it happens often. Our thing to talk about is mainly softball, because we played together for 3 years and still like to bitch about things regarding it.

Our most recent conversation was about how one day we may be mother's to teenagers. I say "may", because I have no clue if I really want kids. Teenager's get into all kinds of trouble and I have already accepted the fact that I'm sure karma will send me a real hell raiser or a kid that is one of those rule following goody two shoes that I could never relate to.

Either way, I'm sure my kid will hear stories about the shenanigans I have gotten myself into. I will have to either justify my non-rule following actions to my judgmental kid or try to convince my kid that the saying," Do as I say not as I do" is very important.

Another fun conversation that occurred to Applebee's....

Marcelino: Rae?
Rae: What?
Marcelino: That's your name, right?
Rae: Yeah.
Marcelino: Do you recognize me?
Rae: No...
Marcelino: I work at Pizza Ranch with you.
Rae: Really?
Marcelino: Yeah, I've worked there for five months...

I'm a terrible person that should really pay more attention to the people I work with.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Ramblings

I have had at least one class every semester of college have me keep a food log for some reason or another. This shit is getting old, people! Do professors really think their students are going to be honest with these things? No professor, I did not eat my weight in Cool Ranch Dorito's, I instead ate a salad...with no dressing...yum yum! Do you know how many calories I consume on the weekend? It ain't pretty folks. Apparently, alcohol and soda have a ton of calories and are not good for you? Say what!? Add in that late night Taco Bell run that your drunk self insisted that you needed or you might die. I might as well except the fact that once my metabolism slows down I will die from obesity, because I consider exercise walking down to the kitchen to get a snack. I applaud all of you healthy people for your self-control.

 A girl in my anatomy and physiology class had a panic attack during a lab exam. We use a cadaver for some test questions and normally the guy's face is covered up. This particular exam we needed to identify a gland located in his cheek area so his entire face was exposed. This girl started hyperventilating and passed out on the ground. She soon got up and then started puking. We had to call an ambulance and lots of other people showed up too. Apparently, my school is prepared for stuff like this. She might want to reconsider a career in nursing though...

I have never been a huge shopper. Spending money on clothes has never interested me until I got tired of the t-shirt and jean look. I think I might have a problem now, because If I go a week without buying a new article of clothing I go crazy.  90% of my closet consists of thrift/consignment store purchases, because I am my mothers child, so I don't spent a ton of money. I have a rule that when I buy something new, I have to take something old out of my closet. I'm down to like two t-shirts, which is something I never thought would occur. I also use to wear the same pair of shoes day after day, because I just didn't care about shoes. My shoe collection now includes like 8 pairs of different styles of boots, a few pairs of heels, knee high gladiator sandals, two pairs of converses(I will forever and always own a pair), etc. I think shoes can really pull an outfit together. Ugh. When did I become this person?


I officially have reached the age where I feel guilty if I sleep past noon. I always swore I would never become that person, but age is a weird thing. I feel like I have wasted my entire day if I sleep past that time. It's only down hill from now on, folks.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


What an entertaining weekend! It started on Thursday with just Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I. We drank beer, talked about life, and made a tuna casserole. It was a relaxing night in preparation for the weekend we had planned.

On Friday, Victoria took the plunge and got dreads. She has been wanting them for a long time! At first she looked a little like Medusa, but they are starting to settle and look a lot better!

My bestie/old roommate Shandell finally had a weekend off of work and wanted to party together!
So Victoria and I gathered the troops for a fun Saturday night at our place.
We had a lot of leftover alcohol from previous parties and surprisingly people brought a ton of alcohol too! Victoria and I tend to be the suppliers so it was nice that everyone chipped in.

It was an interesting group of girls to have all together.
I've known Victoria since we were 5. Sydney and Kayla I met in high school. Shandell was my roommate in Winona. Whitney, Olivia, Rachel, and Kaitlyn are friends I've made this year! The group really meshed well and we had a good time!

This was one of the last pictures of the night and pretty much summoned up how we felt.

I introduced myself to the the neighbor kids while wasted.
I learned that they are freshmen in high school.
So that was cool.
I found this Leprechaun hat somewhere and it was the best part of that least I thought so!
I have no idea where I found it or who it belongs to.

Waking up the next morning for work was rough, but being able to have a good time with my girls the night before made it worth it!
The snap chats were pure gold the next morning!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Night Lights Quotes

We are starting out the month of May(I originally wrote April. How can it be May already?) with some quotes from my all time favorite TV show couple Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Why? There is no real explanation other than the fact that I found these quotes in my drafts and decided it was time to post them. These two represent everything I want in a future relationship.

"I think it's good you're questioning your faith, I just want you to have faith … something that you can hold on to, when I can't hold on to you." -Tami Taylor

"Every man at some point in his life is gonna lose a battle. He's gonna fight and he's gonna lose. But what makes him a man, is that in the midst of that battle he does not lose himself." -Eric Taylor

"It's my turn babe. I have loved you and you have loved me and we have compromised, both of us...for your job. And now it's time to talk about doing that for my job." -Tami Taylor

"You get one chance in life, fellas. You can either take advantage of it, or you can piss it away. You do that latter, and you're gonna regret it the rest of your lives." -Eric Taylor

"There's no weakness in forgiveness." -Tami Taylor

Listen to me. I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the try.” -Eric Taylor