Friday, May 8, 2015


I went to half-price apps at Applebee's the other night with my friend Kayla. Our late night dinner chats always go on for hours, much to the annoyance of our waitress, and I look forward to them. Kayla and I don't hang out much outside of these dinners, except for the occasional girls night and/or party that we have with our shared high school classmates. It's fun being able to reminiscence on the good ole' high school days with someone that was there, because have you ever tried to explain a funny story to someone that wasn't there and they just don't understand? Yeah, it happens often. Our thing to talk about is mainly softball, because we played together for 3 years and still like to bitch about things regarding it.

Our most recent conversation was about how one day we may be mother's to teenagers. I say "may", because I have no clue if I really want kids. Teenager's get into all kinds of trouble and I have already accepted the fact that I'm sure karma will send me a real hell raiser or a kid that is one of those rule following goody two shoes that I could never relate to.

Either way, I'm sure my kid will hear stories about the shenanigans I have gotten myself into. I will have to either justify my non-rule following actions to my judgmental kid or try to convince my kid that the saying," Do as I say not as I do" is very important.

Another fun conversation that occurred to Applebee's....

Marcelino: Rae?
Rae: What?
Marcelino: That's your name, right?
Rae: Yeah.
Marcelino: Do you recognize me?
Rae: No...
Marcelino: I work at Pizza Ranch with you.
Rae: Really?
Marcelino: Yeah, I've worked there for five months...

I'm a terrible person that should really pay more attention to the people I work with.

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Elisebeth Hovland said...

In your defense, my first shift back at Pizza Ranch I only recognized the managers and my sister..there are way too many new people there!