Sunday, May 3, 2015


What an entertaining weekend! It started on Thursday with just Victoria, Kaitlyn, and I. We drank beer, talked about life, and made a tuna casserole. It was a relaxing night in preparation for the weekend we had planned.

On Friday, Victoria took the plunge and got dreads. She has been wanting them for a long time! At first she looked a little like Medusa, but they are starting to settle and look a lot better!

My bestie/old roommate Shandell finally had a weekend off of work and wanted to party together!
So Victoria and I gathered the troops for a fun Saturday night at our place.
We had a lot of leftover alcohol from previous parties and surprisingly people brought a ton of alcohol too! Victoria and I tend to be the suppliers so it was nice that everyone chipped in.

It was an interesting group of girls to have all together.
I've known Victoria since we were 5. Sydney and Kayla I met in high school. Shandell was my roommate in Winona. Whitney, Olivia, Rachel, and Kaitlyn are friends I've made this year! The group really meshed well and we had a good time!

This was one of the last pictures of the night and pretty much summoned up how we felt.

I introduced myself to the the neighbor kids while wasted.
I learned that they are freshmen in high school.
So that was cool.
I found this Leprechaun hat somewhere and it was the best part of that least I thought so!
I have no idea where I found it or who it belongs to.

Waking up the next morning for work was rough, but being able to have a good time with my girls the night before made it worth it!
The snap chats were pure gold the next morning!

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