Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Pink Panty Droppers.
I have witnessed the power of that drink on three separate occasions.

1. The Introduction
Sarah and I were introduced to that deadly drink during spring break in Florida our senior year of high school. That night lead to us starting a party at the hotel pool, chatting up a call girl, having a German guy try to get Sarah and I to partake in a threesome, and then we woke up in the same zipped up sleeping bag...

2. Bathroom Floor
Sarah decided to bring out the drink for her 19th birthday party. That night ended with her practically dead on the bathroom floor and me holding her head next to a puke bucket. 

3. Memorial Day Weekend
Why did I think that it was a good idea to pull out the big guns for a third time? 
What started out as a nice casual drinking party up north turned into exactly the opposite.
The best part was when my parents decided to stop by(Victoria and I were hanging out with mutual friends of my parents and they got an invite to the party too) and I already had Asian eyes. What are Asian eyes? When you are so far gone that you can barely keep your eyes open. Is that offensive to say? I recovered quickly and the night was so weird that I don't even want to blog about it. 

Those damn Pink Panty Droppers always stirring up trouble.
Hopefully, I have learned my lesson.

I hope you are all having a good Memorial Day weekend! 
I like to think that it is officially summer now.
I'm looking forward to all that this summer has to offer.

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