Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

I always feel like I never do enough for my mom on Mother's Day.
She deserves the world!
I bought her a tea kettle that actually whistles.
She has this ancient one and always forgets about it, because it doesn't make a sound when ready.
Since I worked from 10-4 I took my mom out to dinner.
She requested Mexican food and I had just the place!
It's a small hole in the wall type of restaurant, but she loves those kind of places.
We had burritos, horchata, and guacamole.
My sister was suppose to tag along, but stayed home sick instead.
Afterwards, we ran to Target to buy chocolate for her sisters.
It's their first mothers day that they are celebrating without their mother.
My mom just wanted to do something in memory of her.
We then visited my aunts and headed home.

I can't imagine having a better mom.
She's my rock.

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