Monday, May 11, 2015


I've been spending a ton of time with Victoria lately.
With finals right around the corner we decided to keep things low key and focus on school.
I love having a good time with a group of people, but sometimes it's important to relax and do low key things.

One evening we decided to explore the woods by my house.
It was nice to walk and talk for an hour surrounded by nothing but nature.
I pretty much spent my entire childhood playing outside and exploring nature.
Technology and a busier life has taken up more of my time and my adventurous spirit has been used in other ways. 

Now that I think about it I spent a lot of time playing unsupervised in the woods.
I clearly was raised in a generation before people thought that kids needed to be supervised at every moment. Kids are missing out now days! My parents pretty much let me do my own thing while growing up and that has never changed. They clearly had more important things to do then watching and controlling what their child did. That probably explains a lot about me.

So if you want an adventure in the woods I can go with!
I would love to show you around what was once my playground.

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