Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Ramblings

I have had at least one class every semester of college have me keep a food log for some reason or another. This shit is getting old, people! Do professors really think their students are going to be honest with these things? No professor, I did not eat my weight in Cool Ranch Dorito's, I instead ate a salad...with no dressing...yum yum! Do you know how many calories I consume on the weekend? It ain't pretty folks. Apparently, alcohol and soda have a ton of calories and are not good for you? Say what!? Add in that late night Taco Bell run that your drunk self insisted that you needed or you might die. I might as well except the fact that once my metabolism slows down I will die from obesity, because I consider exercise walking down to the kitchen to get a snack. I applaud all of you healthy people for your self-control.

 A girl in my anatomy and physiology class had a panic attack during a lab exam. We use a cadaver for some test questions and normally the guy's face is covered up. This particular exam we needed to identify a gland located in his cheek area so his entire face was exposed. This girl started hyperventilating and passed out on the ground. She soon got up and then started puking. We had to call an ambulance and lots of other people showed up too. Apparently, my school is prepared for stuff like this. She might want to reconsider a career in nursing though...

I have never been a huge shopper. Spending money on clothes has never interested me until I got tired of the t-shirt and jean look. I think I might have a problem now, because If I go a week without buying a new article of clothing I go crazy.  90% of my closet consists of thrift/consignment store purchases, because I am my mothers child, so I don't spent a ton of money. I have a rule that when I buy something new, I have to take something old out of my closet. I'm down to like two t-shirts, which is something I never thought would occur. I also use to wear the same pair of shoes day after day, because I just didn't care about shoes. My shoe collection now includes like 8 pairs of different styles of boots, a few pairs of heels, knee high gladiator sandals, two pairs of converses(I will forever and always own a pair), etc. I think shoes can really pull an outfit together. Ugh. When did I become this person?


I officially have reached the age where I feel guilty if I sleep past noon. I always swore I would never become that person, but age is a weird thing. I feel like I have wasted my entire day if I sleep past that time. It's only down hill from now on, folks.

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