Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This kids mom is turning the big 3-0 today!
Her friends are throwing her a surprise birthday on Friday that Victoria and I got an invite to.
I suck at keeping surprises and every time we talk about her birthday I just want to blurt out something about the party. The struggle is real folks!

In other news, Victoria has dreads and they take a lot of work. Victoria needed some advice on them and she had a mutual friend with this girl named Lesley. Lesley just happens to have the most beautiful dreads ever and she got them crocheted. So Victoria and I went over to Lesley's apartment for she could crochet Victoria's dreads and teach me to do it. Lesley looked so familiar and I could not figure it out all night. The school Victoria and I attended from preschool until 2nd grade kept popping up in my head, but Lesley is 27, which would mean she would have been in 8th grade when we were in 2nd. A few days later I was still thinking about it and I pulled out my yearbook from 2nd grade and there was Lesley! Such a small world. I have no idea how I managed to remember her!

Summary of the post:
I'm attending a 30 year old's surprise birthday party and I recognized a girl that I haven't seen since I was 7.

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