Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bloody Mary and Wingss

On Friday night, I wanted to binge watch Orange is the New Black, but Anthony wanted to get dinner. We went from lets just have dinner to lets have a few drinks with friends. 

We started at a local Brewery that has a bar attached to it. 
Stephanie walked up to me and said, "How was your 30th, Brittney?" and we just laughed it off.
I remembered seeing Stephanie in pictures, but don't remember her actually there the night of "Brittneys" birthday.
She found it hilarious that I didn't remember who she was, but we are facebook friends now and we shared a fishbowl...so that makes up for my bad memory.

We went to three different bars in search of wings and finally found some on our third try.
Bloody marys and wings is the most combination!

We did a lot of dancing and watching the guys dance was hilarious.
Their dance moves were the definition of "white boy".

We ended the night at Kwik Trip for burgers and chicken tenders along with half of Green Bay at bar close. My attempt at drinking a lot of water didn't seem to help my head the next day. I did manage to survive going to work, helping Brittney pack up her basement, meeting Chelseys baby, and attend a graduation party. Life of an alcoholic.

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