Saturday, June 27, 2015

Country USA

Country USA is a huge country music festival.
I've always wanted to go and this year my dad got me 4 tickets!
My friend Sarah lives in Oshkosh and invited us to stay with her and her roommates.

The first night we arrived late and got to see Miranda Lambert!
I have never been a huge Miranda fan, but she was amazing in concert.
I like her a lot now!
It took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot after the concert!
We were entertained by a guy driving a rapist type van with purple lights inside.
We was drunk and doing donuts in the field.

The next day we started drinking early at Sarah's place.
We played yard games, danced on the porch, drank beer from a funnel, etc.
Pretty typical college activities.

We were all feeling really good as a packed ourselves into the car to head to CUSA.
There was a lot of drama that night and Victoria lost her phone while totally wasted.
Lee Brice performed, but I wasn't paying a lot of attention to him.
We also didn't have a ride home so all six of us hitch hiked...
We separated into two different groups.
I got to go with Kyle and Victoria who happened to be the drunkest of the bunch.
We found a ride with a nice couple!
First hitch hiking experience was a success.

The next day was more low key.
Sydney ended up getting wasted and was our entertainment for the night.
We danced a lot and The Eli Young Band performed.
They were not that great.

Sydney ended up getting mad and "ran away" when we arrived at Sarah's.
We were a little worried when an hour went by and she still hadn't returned.
She eventually came back and brought Selner along with her.
It was an interesting night.

Friday night Victoria and I decided to head home.
Victoria had lost her phone and needed a new one.
We also planned on leaving for our trip the next night.
Once we returned we found out that someone found Victoria's phone and had to drive all the way back.

A few hours later we left on our two month long roadtrip...

I had a wonderful time with my girls!
I hate that I am missing out on a fun summer with them, but this was a nice way to get to spend a few days with them.

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