Monday, June 1, 2015

Maribel Caves

Started my weekend camping with my girl Sarah, her new beau, and some of her friends from college. It was a lot of fun! We drank, hung out by the campfire, went skinny dipping, etc. It started pouring rain a little before midnight, which put a damper on sitting around the bonfire, but we had fun any way. I had my first alcohol fueled make-out session post Andy. Which would have been great, but I wasn't into the guy and apparently just making out and then bailing on whatever else he had in mind in order to fall asleep is not an interesting enough story to tell his friends. He's not the first guy to make up stories, but I will never understand the need to do so. My roommate loved my make-out story even though it was boring! Just another confirmation that I do not want a guy in my life anytime soon.

Besides that little detour it was great to finally meet some of the people I have been hearing about all year long! It's the best when you can finally put a face to a story.

I only stayed one night and left pretty early in the morning.
I was cold and I needed to charge my phone so I found a cute coffee shop not to far from the campground. I love finding places like that in small towns! I plan on doing that a lot on my road trip.

Sunday I learned how to crochet dreads and how to take them out. I always thought that once you got dreads the only way of getting rid of them was to shave your head. Apparently, there is a way to take them out, but it takes forever and you lose a lot of hair. In case you ever want to get dreads or have them taken out Victoria and I got your back.

On Monday, I was watching Sam and Victoria wanted to go to the Maribel Caves.
So Olivia grabbed her dog Leo and we all went exploring!

It's a really pretty hike and the caves are small, but really cool!
Hotel Hell is near the caves! It's pretty much a pile of rubble now, but it is considered to be haunted and has created a name for itself. We kept our distance, but seeing it was neat.

Sam always loves our "girls only" days and wouldn't stop talking about how much fun we had the next day. She drives me crazy some days, but I absolutely love spending time with her. 

I've always complained about how boring Wisconsin is, but it actually has a lot of beautiful places to go explore!

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