Monday, June 29, 2015

Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah

Our summer road trip has officially begun!  
We originally planned on leaving Sunday, but Friday night we got antsy and decided to hit the road at 10pm.
No one thought that we would get very far the first day, but 24 hours later we found ourselves at my Aunts house in Idaho. 

We all took turns driving and attempting to sleep.
Not much sleeping was going on, but we were going off of adrenaline.

We drove through Minnesota in the middle of the night and didn't stop anywhere cool.
In South Dakota we went to a place where you could feed prairie dogs, Wall Drug, and Mt.Rushmore.

We ended up sleeping for 30 minutes in the parking ramp at Mt.Rushmore.
I'm sure people thought we were crazy.

Wyoming was a hard drive!
We were all exhausted and just wanted to be at our destination.
At times we would go 20+ miles without seeing a house in Wyoming.
Some parts were beautiful, but after 9 hours we all hated Wyoming.
We finally made it to Bear Lake in Idaho and surprised everyone on our timing.
Eight hours of sleep in a bed never felt so good.

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Elisebeth Hovland said...

Feel free to stop in the Twin Cities after August 3 - you'll have somewhere to crash! (No guarantees we'll have any alcohol though)