Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nanny Life 101

My life as a nanny is coming to an end. It has been an interesting year to say the least. I got to be a part of an amazing little family, watch three kids transform over a year, and I learned a thing or two. I compiled a list of things I have learned because of the little humans in my life.

1. Being able to change a "bad" word into a word that most likely involves food

I swear like a sailor and apparently you're not suppose to do that around little kids? I have become very good at switching my "fucks" into "fudge" etc. This is all done mid-word and it saves the day. It also means that I don't have to deal with a 5 year old glaring and reprimanding me for my choice of wording!

2. Going with the flow

Someday's I have fun activities planned, but if a moody kid is involved those plans sometimes go south. I have learned to roll with the punches and not expect everything to go as planned. Have you ever had to drag two four years old out of a McDonalds playland, because they didn't want to leave? Well, I have and it was...interesting.

3. Patience

Trying to prevent a complete meltdown from occurring in the middle of Target takes a lot of patience! Waiting for a child to complete a task that they clearly need help with, but insist on doing themselves takes a lot of patience. Did you notice the pattern yet? Taking care of kids involves a lot of patience!

4. Cars are not meant to stay clean

I love having a clean car! Before I started transporting little children my car was pretty clean except for the occasional stray piece of clothing or a bottle of alcohol rolling around. Then I added two car seats to the back and shit got real. I have so many foot prints on the back of my seat/head rest! Wrappers, random pieces of food, and spilled juice are currently all over my back seats. The old me would have never allowed that to happen! The new me has learned that children are not clean creatures and trying to keep things clean around them is next to impossible.

5. So many questions and not enough answers

 Having to come up with a million different answers to questions sounds easy, but it's not. Even if I have the correct answer I most likely will have a difficult time making it appropriate/understandable for a 5 year old.

6. My taste in music would not make Jesus proud

It's crazy how a song sounds perfectly fine when you're alone and then that exact same song decides to include swear words and has inappropriate lyrics when a child enters the picture. I'm still trying to convince Sam that the song GDFR by Flo Rida is not her favorite song. Remember lesson number #5? Here is a perfect example of a question that Flo Rida made Sam ask, "What's a freak? How come she's going home with him?"

7. You tend to forget about all of the bad things

Ever have a little kid crawl up next to you and cuddle during a movie? Or randomly have one say they love you? It melts my heart and all of a sudden I can't remember why I was googling if it is illegal to duct tape kids to chairs.

8. We don't give kids enough credit

I have learned so much from Sam this past year. Kids have such an amazing view on the world and as adults we tend to miss those things. She has taught me a lot and I love hearing her opinion on things.

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