Thursday, June 18, 2015


When your roommate worries about what your family thinks of her....
Victoria: Julie already thinks I'm an alcoholic and now she's going to think I'm a psychopath. I know your family already judges me, because of your snap chats.

Hippy house
Victoria: Your house smells like nature and essential oils.
Hille: Must be the pile of compost on my counter

I'll never understand how the mind of a 5 year old works...
My Mom: You two are going to make great moms one day!
Sam: But I'm going to be single.

Works great. Fines are great.
Warhol: She got fired twice.
Hille: It was only once, but I'm working on my second time. Can you grab me that envelope?
Warhol: Is that another fine, mom?

Anna: Let's get mexican food for I don't have to put on a bra.

That damn library...
Hille: The library once sued me for $556...late fees man.

Those pens...
Brittney: Can you grab me the pen, please?
Sam: Mom, you said penis!
Brittney: I did not say penis.
Sam: You just said it again!

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