Monday, June 8, 2015

Road Trip Planning Update

1. Our schedule is set which means we can start couch surfing! What exactly is couch surfing? It's an app where you can connect with people willing to let you crash on their couch(floor or spare room works also) or you can let people stay with you! Victoria used it in Europe. It sounds a little scary, but people do it all the time and make it out alive! We have a few confirmed places to stay and are working on finding more!

2. Olivia had some stuff come up so she is only coming for three weeks. It makes the trip a little more expensive for Victoria and I, but we are still wanting to make it the entire two months together! This should be interesting.

3. We are staying with a lot of family members and our schedule fit with all of our different family members so well. It is such a relief knowing that we have family to meet along the way!

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