Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thirty, flirty, and thriving

This is Victoria and I before Brittney's surprise 30th birthday party.
We think that we are about to go have a low key night with a group of people a decade older than us. 
We thought wrong...very wrong.

Brittney's friends, a few of her brothers, her husband, and us met up at Nakashimas for sushi.
Brittney had no idea and was so shocked to see us all at the restaurant.
My wine class was never empty, my drink with bourbon tasted like kool-aid, and that group shot left me feeling pretty good.

Brittney always is talking about her brothers, because she wants me to marry into the family.
So she attempted to play match maker the entire night.
It was awesome finally being able to meet the friends and family that I have heard so much about.

After dinner we headed over to Comedy City for an improv show.
I could not pay attention and our group eventually got kicked out.
Apparently, the audience is not allowed to add their own jokes to the show?
And something else about us being too loud...and drunk.

After the show we wanted to continue on with our night.
Ben and Brittney had to head home, because they are parents and have kids to worry about.
Just another reason not to have kids!
Always making you leave the party early.

So I became Brittney for the remainder of the night.
It was fun being 30 for a few hours!
We went to this small country bar where we sang karaoke, hula hooped, and took tons of shots.

Beth and I went around the bar telling guys that it was my 30th birthday.
We got a ton of free shots out of that.
People were surprised to hear that I was 30, but no one questioned it.

We somehow found ourselves at this strange bar inside a closed restaurant.
I'm not sure how we found ourselves in that place.
We didn't stay long.

One of the guys was craving crab rangoons.
Of course he manages to find a place open that sells them and orders the restaurants entire supply!
Crab rangoon has never tasted better.

Beth and Theresa dropped Victoria and I off at our house.
Anthony then messages us to come over to his place.
I thought it was a great idea as I was falling all over the place trying to cuddle my cat.

We arrived, hung out for a bit, and then I passed out on the couch.
The next morning I felt dead!
Partying with 30 year olds is not an easy feat.

Overall, I had a blast at Brittney's party even though she wasn't a part of it the entire night.
I felt like I knew her family and friends forever, because we all clicked so well.
The chances of all of us getting together again are small, but I enjoyed the time we had.
One minute I'm interviewing with a family for a nanny job and the next I'm partying with the family.
Life is good.

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