Friday, July 31, 2015

Texas: Frisco, Dallas, and Austin

My cousin Julie lives in Frisco, Texas and we decided to make her house a stop on our journey.
We just happened to run into her in Idaho as well.
It is weird to see her three times in the past year, because we have always lived across the country from eac hother and would maybe see each other once every few years.
Lots of cousin bonding this year!

She left us stranded at 2am when we first arrived, because she slept through our 20 phone calls.
She finally woke up at 2:30...thanks Cuz!
She was also dog sitting the most annoying animal alive.
We spent the day at the pool and went grocery shopping.
When Julie returned she found a note slid under her note demanding that she return "what's left" of someone's package and threatening jail time. That was fun, because she has no idea what this person is talking about. 

We then had to spend $100 at a sushi restaurant in Dallas, because she had a gift certificate from work. That was a real hard demand.
Back home we drank way to much wine and really got to know each other.
It was one of those nights were no conversation topic was off limits, which are my favorite nights!
You learn so much about people.
Julie's friend Jenn came over with snacks and to get our opinion about a guy she's seeing, but thinks might be gay.
Our conclusion was that we needed to meet him.
It was time for a good ole' fashioned cook-out.

The next day, while Julie was at work, we headed over to Jenn's.
She knows absolutely nothing about cooking!
She's almost 30 and didn't have a cutting board, colander, or measuring spoons.
We ran to the store for ingredients and I slaved away in the kitchen while her and Victoria put on make-up...story of my life!
We literally spent all day with Jenn and even ran errands with her.
She is such a good time and is the definition of a crazy southern bell!
When Julie arrived she made the asparagus and we all cracked open some beers.
The guys arrived and we went to the pool area for they could show off their grilling skills.
Edgar Jones, a recently retired NFL player, grilled my steak.

After we ate we went back to Jenn's house.
We all shot gunned beers, because that is what adults do...
A few people even smoked Lil Jon's weed.
Long story short: Jenn's family owns a limo service in Oklahoma and they drive celebrities around all the time. Jenn became friends with Lil Jon's bodyguard and the weed they couldn't bring with them on the airplane got left with her. 
I'm not even kidding.
While I was drinking outside and Victoria was smoking a cigarette three cop cars drive by and turn around. I toss my beer in the bushes, because that was my immediate reaction. They stayed parked outside of the building for hours and we never found out why! What a waste of beer.

After our few days with Julie and Jenn it was time to move on once again.
It was only a 3 hour drive to Austin, Texas!
We bought the typical tourist shirt that says, "Keep Austin Weird" at Prima Dora.
Then we walked over to the cutest restaurant called Magnolia Cafe.
We saw a guy with one side of his head shaved and dreads pulled over to that side.
I've seen the look with straight normal hair, but it looked sweet with dreads!
Victoria is considering that for her next hairstyle in a few years.

After the best enchildades that I have ever ate we went to Graffiti Park at Castle Hills.
It is concrete slabs and walls that were once meant to be a building, but was never completed.
It is filled with amazing graffiti now!
Even famous graffiti artists have left their mark here.

The crazy thing about this place is that no one will get the same experience or see the same art.
Every day something new pops up and covers a previous tag!
We got to see a graffiti contest too.

Since this would have been our last night sleeping in the car we decided to splurge on a hotel once again. The south is hot, y'all!
We have gotten good at keeping ourselves entertained.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nevada: Las Vegas, Arizona: Grand Canyon and Flagstaff

We left California and found that we were driving through Las Vegas!
We had to visit the strip, because why not?
It was 104 degrees, but we walked for a bit.
We got the majority of our pictures from the car though!

After sleeping in the car for the night we headed to the Grand Canyon!
It was honestly crazy to see.
I felt like we were looking at a painting.

About 30 minutes from the Grand Canyon our troubles began.
I couldn't accelerate and finally our car just died.
A nice guy pulled over and offered to jump us.
Our car started up and he suggested that either our battery or alternator needed to be fixed.
We got about 15 miles, before our car died again.
This time it took forever for someone to stop and help us, but eventually a family did.
They jumped us twice, the first time we went 10 minutes before we died and the second time we went 5 minutes.

At that point we decided to call a tow truck.
The nearest town was 30 miles away.
Our phones were dying and it was so hot, but eventually the tow truck came!
Two people and a cop stopped and made sure we were okay.
People are so kind!
The tow truck brought us to a mechanic and they said our car would be fixed in the morning.
So we walked to a hotel, ordered pizza, and cranked the air conditioning!

Our parents warned us against going, because our car is not that trust worthy, but we went any way.
So we couldn't even call them, until we had everything figured out!
I felt like such an adult after today.
Just another story for the books.

Friday, July 24, 2015

LA, California: Griffith Park, Rodeo Drive, Runyon Canyon, and the Upright Citizens Brigade

Our time in Los Angeles is just flying by!
We have been doing a mix of city activities, beach stuff, and hiking.
We went to the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!
I felt like a fish out of water, because of all the fancy cars driving around and the people.

My mom asked if we felt like the Beverly Hillbillies.
Yes we did.
It actually wasn't that bad and seeing all of the fancy stores was really cool!
No one tried to pull a Pretty Woman move and not allow us into a store.
Serge Ibaka, a basketball player, was shopping at Gucci while we were there!

 One afternoon we hung out at a production company, because that is where Cameron works. We were just drinking coffee and talking about life casually with a movie idea scribbled on the whiteboard next to us. The producer of Adam Sandler's new move Pixels casually walked in and talked with us for a bit.Cameron's two roommates also work in the movie industry. Beatrice is a producer from Sweden and Susie is a set designer from Australia. Have you ever looked at the budget for a movie or heard about all the stuff that needs to get down behind the scenes? It will blow your mind how much detail goes into it! LA is such a cool place.

That same day we hiked Runyon Canyon, went on a 30 minute run around the neighborhood, and went on a night hike in Griffith Park. It was a lot of physical activity, but so worth the views!
Jorge, Cameron's boss, joined us on the hike in Griffith Park in his jeans and leather jacket.
He was so was probably because of all the weed he smoked before the hike.
We saw a coyote on our hike back!

 After our day of hiking we went back to Cameron's to drink wine and take shots. Our Uber showed up and took us to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to watch an improv show.
While standing in line we got hungry and went to The Oaks for a burger and to buy some beer for the show. We ended up talking with the cashier person for so long! What about? I don't remember. I do remember how good my burger was!

The show itself was hilarious!
It was two different improv groups.
Amy Poehler is actually a founding member of the theater.
Victoria's cousin is taking an improv class with her boss there.

LA, California: Milk, Universal Studios, Movie Premiere, and the Hollywood Sign

I have had to say way too many goodbyes this trip!
I fall in love with the places and the people and saying goodbye gets harder every time.
Los Angeles, I've heard from many that you are overrated, but I must disagree.
You have treated us well and I'm sad to see our time here come to an end.

Can you find us three sleeping in this picture?
Cameron decided to be a creeper and photograph us sleeping.
That giant wing looking thing near the window?
Just a film prop from a film students thesis on World War II...because LA.
On our last full day in LA we hit up Milk.
Which is an ice cream place known for their homemade ice cream sandwiches.
I got a Strawberry shortcake bar which was delicious!
We also hit up Ikea and saw the WB Studio gates.

Cameron invited us to the LA premiere of Adam Sandler's new movie Pixels.
The legit premiere with all the actors and stuff was back in New York, but this one was pretty legit.
We got to meet the director, writer, and a lot of other people that helped create the movie.

The movie premiere was at Universal Studio's movie theater!
We had dinner beforehand at the Alcove and got lost a few times trying to get to the theater.
The movie was okay, but I have a cool story about it, so I suggest you go see it!

We are actually staying really close to the Hollywood sign and see it every day, but for some reason haven't thought about taking a legit picture of it.
So this blurry one will have to do!
I can't believe our time is done in Los Angeles.
I can't believe Liv is heading back to Green Bay!
Victoria and I are moving forward and continuing on part two of the journey.
I hope to return very soon to LA, because I have honestly fallen in love with the energy here.
We could not have gotten a better LA experience.
I'm going to miss Cameron and her hilarious life stories.
I'm going to miss the cool people we have met.
This list could go on for a while...

Until next time Los Angeles!

Monday, July 20, 2015

LA, California: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach

I love Los Angeles!!
I can't even explain the energy that I feel here.
Everyone is chasing a dream and struggling until they make it.

Within the first 30 minutes we ran into Beau Mirchoff aka Scotty McKibben's from Awkward and Desperate Housewives. Liv was so funny and completely fan girling.
I feel like running into a famous person right off the bat as not good, because it made us have higher expectations of running into other celebrities.

We are staying with Victoria's cousin Cameron right in Hollywood a few blocks away from Hollywood Blvd.
It is also close to the Church of Scientology!
I wonder if we will run into any cult members?
I love Cameron! She's crazy and funny, but you can have serious conversations with her too. My favorite kind of person!

We hit up the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach on our first full day.
Ali is Cameron's best friend and just moved here from Florida.
We actually partied with her during our visit to Florida a few months ago.
Ali's boyfriend flew in from Florida to surprise her.
So Cameron has a lot of guests!

All six of us piled in the car and drove down to the beach.
Cameron is the craziest driver!
She does not give a shit and swerves in and out of lanes, drives in the bus only lane, constantly cuts people off,etc. It's great!

We swam for a bit, watched people at Muscle Beach do crazy things with their bodies, drank beer, watched the performers, and got to see a drum circle perform!
Even though it rained we had a blast!

The next day we walked around Hollywood Blvd.
We saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Capitol Records, and a few other things.
We found this vintage shop with crazy clothing and wigs!
We had a lot of fun trying shit on. 

I could honestly move here.
I kept hearing that LA is overrated, but I think it is great!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

San Francisco, California: The Sailboat

We couch surfed with a guy named Aaron in Seattle.
When we told him that we didn't have a place in San Francisco to stay he offered his sailboat to us.
Of course he would have a sailboat that we could stay on.
This just shows how awesome couch surfing is!
It's a community of strangers helping each other out and becoming friends.

Her name is Feolena and she treated us well.
When we arrived there were was no place to park, because you needed a parking pass, which was reserved for boat owners. We parked any way and of course immediately get yelled at. After explaining our situation we find out that we were talking with the actual marina owner. He apparently liked us and after saying, "You three are just being young and foolish girls" allowed us to park our car and promised not to tow it away! Score.

It was so nice that each of us had a separate surface to sleep on!
It has been almost a month since I had a bed to myself.
I was sleeping next to a deflated life raft, but beggars can't be choosers!

We didn't have any electricity or running water during our stay.
So we had to walk to the marina bathroom which never had any toilet paper!
While we were drunk we just peed off of the boat, but doing that while sober wasn't an option.
We snuck into a yacht club nearby to shower.
We were roughing it!

The marina also had a cat running around.
We befriended her and named her Gold Digger, because she only came to eat our food.
So she used us and left. 

Our time on the boat was very memorable!
It makes for a great story and was a wonderful experience.
Lack of electricity meant we had our nightly routine of charging electronics at Starbucks and going to bed after the sun had set. 

Life is good!