Wednesday, July 1, 2015


It has been 12 years since I last visited my family in Idaho.
Every time I have ever visited it has been in the winter, so it was nice experiencing Bear Lake in the summer. My Aunt Kathy is one of the sweetest ladies I know. We all felt so at home staying with her and the family.

My cousin Julie was in town from Texas and my 2nd cousins were in town from Washington.
I had never met Lucas and Absydi before and they are 10 already!
I've only ever known them from pictures and it was great seeing their personalities first hand.

Our first full day was jam packed with activities!
We went paddle boarding and kayaking at Bear Lake.
The water was crystal clear and really refreshing!
My Uncle Leon also took us on a ride in his 1946 Jeep Willy that we restored himself.

We spent hours in the sun and our sunburns are the proof.
After we returned to my Aunts and showered Julie's friends invited us out on the boat.

We drank beer and cruised on their fishing boat.
It was a lot of fun and a great way to start the night!

We then headed to Coopers which is a bar on a golf course.
Julie bartended there during her college years.
We made friends with the bartender named Rachael.
She wants to come visit us in Green Bay!
We drank more beer and took a few birthday shots.
My goal was to get Julie drunk and I managed to get wasted in the process.
At one point she thought she was going to get away with not taking a shot, but I followed her to the bathroom and she reluctantly took it after Victoria wouldn't save her.
We soon headed to a bonfire that was the beginning of the end for me.
Our ride to the bonfire involved lots of singing and laughing.

Someone ended up giving me a mason jar full of moonshine at the bonfire
I finished it all.
It was not one of my best decisions, but I survived!
We all made it home a few hours later and we could surprisingly all walk by ourselves!

I slept in Julie's bed and we surprisingly had a good conversation for a good 15 minutes, before we passed out. The next morning we were all struggling! It also happened to be Victoria's 20th birthday!!
We headed to the pool and cured our hangovers with Bloody Mary's and a birthday shot.
My liver is going to hate me by the end of this trip.
We had a lovely dinner at Coopers for Victoria's birthday.
Our new friend Rachael happened to be our server!
We had an amazing meal!

On Tuesday we headed back to Bear Lake.
It was very relaxing.
Camrin brought his dog Oakley which acted as our entertainment,
We then had to get an oil change in Montpelier, Idaho.
This town was about a 20 minute drive away.
While waiting for our car we ate at Studebakers Pizza and shopped at Kings.

Julie's friend Camrin invited us back on his fishing boat later in the evening.
Victoria and Liv reeled in a fish!
We all drank a lot of beer and decided to continue our drinking back at Coopers.

What started out as only "one" beer turned into a very eventful night.
After a lemon drop shot and our first beer three guys cruise up on their Ranger offroad device.
They were drunk and when Victoria asked for a ride they handed her the keys.
We convinced one of the guys to drive us around instead.
We cruised up and down the mountain in the dark for a while.It was hard trying to prevent our beers from spilling!

After our ride we returned to Coopers and started talking to the owners of the vehicle we just got a ride on. They were so old and creepy, but they paid for our food and all of the drinks throughout the night. Being girls gets you a lot of free things. 

We eventually grew tired of these guys shenanigans and ridiculous comments.
We were all so drunk and over them.
One of them attempted to kiss Victoria and grab her boob.
She punched him,
I got to step in and hold her back from doing more.
I was very proud of her for standing up for herself, but a little worried about the repercussions.
They still paid for our stuff!

My goal for the past few years has been to get Julie drunk.
My mission was accomplished that night.
She ended up going back to Camrin's boat only to start puking and return home.
Maybe I pushed those shots a little too much?

My Uncle Leon was also drunk when we returned home and kept calling Victoria "Toyota", which I hope catches on! 

My time in Idaho was amazing!
Everything turned out so perfect with timing.
It was a wonderful start to our road trip!
I got to really get to know my family, Julie got drunk, and we are all sunburned.

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