Friday, July 24, 2015

LA, California: Griffith Park, Rodeo Drive, Runyon Canyon, and the Upright Citizens Brigade

Our time in Los Angeles is just flying by!
We have been doing a mix of city activities, beach stuff, and hiking.
We went to the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!
I felt like a fish out of water, because of all the fancy cars driving around and the people.

My mom asked if we felt like the Beverly Hillbillies.
Yes we did.
It actually wasn't that bad and seeing all of the fancy stores was really cool!
No one tried to pull a Pretty Woman move and not allow us into a store.
Serge Ibaka, a basketball player, was shopping at Gucci while we were there!

 One afternoon we hung out at a production company, because that is where Cameron works. We were just drinking coffee and talking about life casually with a movie idea scribbled on the whiteboard next to us. The producer of Adam Sandler's new move Pixels casually walked in and talked with us for a bit.Cameron's two roommates also work in the movie industry. Beatrice is a producer from Sweden and Susie is a set designer from Australia. Have you ever looked at the budget for a movie or heard about all the stuff that needs to get down behind the scenes? It will blow your mind how much detail goes into it! LA is such a cool place.

That same day we hiked Runyon Canyon, went on a 30 minute run around the neighborhood, and went on a night hike in Griffith Park. It was a lot of physical activity, but so worth the views!
Jorge, Cameron's boss, joined us on the hike in Griffith Park in his jeans and leather jacket.
He was so was probably because of all the weed he smoked before the hike.
We saw a coyote on our hike back!

 After our day of hiking we went back to Cameron's to drink wine and take shots. Our Uber showed up and took us to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to watch an improv show.
While standing in line we got hungry and went to The Oaks for a burger and to buy some beer for the show. We ended up talking with the cashier person for so long! What about? I don't remember. I do remember how good my burger was!

The show itself was hilarious!
It was two different improv groups.
Amy Poehler is actually a founding member of the theater.
Victoria's cousin is taking an improv class with her boss there.

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