Monday, July 20, 2015

LA, California: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach

I love Los Angeles!!
I can't even explain the energy that I feel here.
Everyone is chasing a dream and struggling until they make it.

Within the first 30 minutes we ran into Beau Mirchoff aka Scotty McKibben's from Awkward and Desperate Housewives. Liv was so funny and completely fan girling.
I feel like running into a famous person right off the bat as not good, because it made us have higher expectations of running into other celebrities.

We are staying with Victoria's cousin Cameron right in Hollywood a few blocks away from Hollywood Blvd.
It is also close to the Church of Scientology!
I wonder if we will run into any cult members?
I love Cameron! She's crazy and funny, but you can have serious conversations with her too. My favorite kind of person!

We hit up the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach on our first full day.
Ali is Cameron's best friend and just moved here from Florida.
We actually partied with her during our visit to Florida a few months ago.
Ali's boyfriend flew in from Florida to surprise her.
So Cameron has a lot of guests!

All six of us piled in the car and drove down to the beach.
Cameron is the craziest driver!
She does not give a shit and swerves in and out of lanes, drives in the bus only lane, constantly cuts people off,etc. It's great!

We swam for a bit, watched people at Muscle Beach do crazy things with their bodies, drank beer, watched the performers, and got to see a drum circle perform!
Even though it rained we had a blast!

The next day we walked around Hollywood Blvd.
We saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Capitol Records, and a few other things.
We found this vintage shop with crazy clothing and wigs!
We had a lot of fun trying shit on. 

I could honestly move here.
I kept hearing that LA is overrated, but I think it is great!

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