Friday, July 24, 2015

LA, California: Milk, Universal Studios, Movie Premiere, and the Hollywood Sign

I have had to say way too many goodbyes this trip!
I fall in love with the places and the people and saying goodbye gets harder every time.
Los Angeles, I've heard from many that you are overrated, but I must disagree.
You have treated us well and I'm sad to see our time here come to an end.

Can you find us three sleeping in this picture?
Cameron decided to be a creeper and photograph us sleeping.
That giant wing looking thing near the window?
Just a film prop from a film students thesis on World War II...because LA.
On our last full day in LA we hit up Milk.
Which is an ice cream place known for their homemade ice cream sandwiches.
I got a Strawberry shortcake bar which was delicious!
We also hit up Ikea and saw the WB Studio gates.

Cameron invited us to the LA premiere of Adam Sandler's new movie Pixels.
The legit premiere with all the actors and stuff was back in New York, but this one was pretty legit.
We got to meet the director, writer, and a lot of other people that helped create the movie.

The movie premiere was at Universal Studio's movie theater!
We had dinner beforehand at the Alcove and got lost a few times trying to get to the theater.
The movie was okay, but I have a cool story about it, so I suggest you go see it!

We are actually staying really close to the Hollywood sign and see it every day, but for some reason haven't thought about taking a legit picture of it.
So this blurry one will have to do!
I can't believe our time is done in Los Angeles.
I can't believe Liv is heading back to Green Bay!
Victoria and I are moving forward and continuing on part two of the journey.
I hope to return very soon to LA, because I have honestly fallen in love with the energy here.
We could not have gotten a better LA experience.
I'm going to miss Cameron and her hilarious life stories.
I'm going to miss the cool people we have met.
This list could go on for a while...

Until next time Los Angeles!

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