Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Montana: Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a short drive from Polson, MT.
We drove up for the day and went on "Going-to-the-sun road" which is a beautiful drive! 

You can't go to Glacier without at least going on a small hike!
We chose the Avalanche Lake trail, which had beautiful waterfalls and ended at a lake with waterfalls flowing down the mountain into it. 
We actually forgot water and just filled up my container with lake water and lived to tell the tale.

We encountered no bears, but the signs warning us about them made us positive we would.
Good thing Cheryl gave us Bear Spray!

If you have never been to Glacier National Park I highly suggest it.
I wish we could have spent more time exploring it.

Our journey in Montana ended with us desperate for food and stopping at a random place in the middle of nothing. Our waiter/bartender was drinking a beer, watching TV, and had to walk with crutches. Thank goodness the food was great! 

Montana you were interesting to say the least. 
Beautiful sights and interesting people!
We are ready for the city life.

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