Sunday, July 5, 2015


After our night sleeping in the car we began our journey to Montana!
I wasn't sure what to expect from our time there, but it exceeded my expectations!
Our first stop was in Garnet, Montana which is an old Ghost Town that dates back to the 1800s.
We literally had to drive on a one lane(but two-way) dirt road up a mountain to see this place.,,and eventually back down.

We of course found the local saloon!
The ghosts had a few pints with us.
There was so much history tucked away in this little town.
It felt erie to visit a place that is currently abandoned, but was once prosperious and full of people. 
After thinking we were going to break down a few times and run out of gas we found our way back to the high way!

We ended up in Polson, Montana!
It was my first couch surfing experience.
What is couch surfing you might ask?
It is an app/website where you can connect with fellow travelers looking for a place to stay for free or you can host a traveler!
We just happened to be those travelers needing a place to stay near Flathead Lake.
Cheryl, Mike, and Seven opened up their home to us and we have never even met until we pulled up by their house!

Before we knew it, we were all drinking beers outside, talking about life, listening to music, and just having a good time! They live in a really small two bedroom house, but they have a camper in the backyard where we could stay. The crazy thing about this family is that they actually left the next day and let us stay in their house for three days. Who lets complete strangers stay in their house? These people. I highly suggest couch surfing if you want a cheap way to travel and meet really awesome people!

The neighbors acted as our tour guides!
Gavin, Gitone, and Alana took us cliff diving!
The water was pretty shallow so we couldn't jump off of a super high cliff, but the smaller ones gave us enough of an adrenaline rush. 

I still can't get over how clear the water is!
There was also no nasty seaweed trying to attack us.
Flathead Lake is always known for being one of the cleanest lakes.
Wisconsin take better care of your lakes!

We stayed in Polson for the 4th of July.
Cheryl insisted we stay and see her son Sean and his band Off in the Woods perform.
Everyone was down by the lake having a good time and listening to music.
The band was pretty good too.
We chatted with them a little before the show and afterwards.

We met some real interesting characters.
One guy insisted we have margarita's and wanted all of our numbers.
He would not take a hint that we were not interested!
Gavin and Gitone were really sweet tour guides and they made sure to stick around when the weirdo was near. We had dinner at a local bar called Swanee's. Gavin even paid for my dinner which was really sweet!

So everybody was really talking up the firework show.
Unfortunately, Montana hasn't gotten rain in weeks and has put out a firework ban.
Lucky for us Polson sets off fireworks from a barge in the middle of the lake!
So they could still put on a show, but the show only lasted 5 minutes.
No one thought that the show was actually done for the longest time.
Oh Montana, you tried your best!
We had a blast spending time in someone else's home and hanging out with neighbors we just met.
We felt right at home and were sad to leave!

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