Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nevada: Las Vegas, Arizona: Grand Canyon and Flagstaff

We left California and found that we were driving through Las Vegas!
We had to visit the strip, because why not?
It was 104 degrees, but we walked for a bit.
We got the majority of our pictures from the car though!

After sleeping in the car for the night we headed to the Grand Canyon!
It was honestly crazy to see.
I felt like we were looking at a painting.

About 30 minutes from the Grand Canyon our troubles began.
I couldn't accelerate and finally our car just died.
A nice guy pulled over and offered to jump us.
Our car started up and he suggested that either our battery or alternator needed to be fixed.
We got about 15 miles, before our car died again.
This time it took forever for someone to stop and help us, but eventually a family did.
They jumped us twice, the first time we went 10 minutes before we died and the second time we went 5 minutes.

At that point we decided to call a tow truck.
The nearest town was 30 miles away.
Our phones were dying and it was so hot, but eventually the tow truck came!
Two people and a cop stopped and made sure we were okay.
People are so kind!
The tow truck brought us to a mechanic and they said our car would be fixed in the morning.
So we walked to a hotel, ordered pizza, and cranked the air conditioning!

Our parents warned us against going, because our car is not that trust worthy, but we went any way.
So we couldn't even call them, until we had everything figured out!
I felt like such an adult after today.
Just another story for the books.

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