Monday, July 13, 2015

Portland, Oregon

Portland was one of our main stops on this road trip!
Victoria has talked about going here for a long time.
It is hipster/grunge central!
We stayed with a guy named Michael.
He's a really nerdy guy who talks a lot, but is really nice!
A girl named Jordan who is from Iowa also was staying in this guys small one bedroom apartment.
Beggars can't be choosers while couch surfing.
Michael did offer us his bed and slept on the floor, which was really nice of him!
Our first night Michael went out and we all just hung out at the apartment cooking and watching trashy TV. A few hours before we didn't know Jordan and here we were acting like best friends.
Couch surfing is great!

We went grocery shopping our first night to save money on food.
The grocery store had Kombucha on tap!
My mom loves that shit and would be in heaven here.

The next day we used to explore the city!
We hit up a lot of the tourist attractions like Voodoo Donuts, Powells Books, Bison Exchange, and the food trucks. Downtown was great and hipsters were all over the place! If you want to find a guy with a man bun and beard this is the place to do it!
I also got to witness a fist fight that was 3 against 1 at a park.
That was cool.

We decided to eat our leftover food back at Michael's place.
There was a couple fighting on the street down below and three cops were involved.
The couple were clearly intoxicated, which made for some good entertainment!
The lady even spotted Liv and yelled, "What are you looking at bitch?"
Never a dull moment in a big city.

During our third day in Portland we hit up the Saturday Market, which is like a giant farmers market.
So many people to watch, music to hear, and food to smell!
We surprisingly didn't give in to temptation and left with very little, even though we wanted to buy a ton of stuff!
We also stopped at an antique store that had all kinds of weird stuff!
Human teeth, anyone?
We ventured to City Target, which was a Target Store on the second floor of a building.
The cart wheels would lock up automatically if you went past a certain point with them and they had a cart escalator right next to the normal escalator in order to reach the 3rd floor. 

After picking up some groceries we went to a vintage clothing store.
They had some very strange things!
We had fun looking around.
For a late lunch we headed back to Michael's house.
The girls went to the roof to hang out and I stuck around the apartment, because Michael was watching a documentary on the 1980's. I'm a sucker for documentaries! 
As much as we all love adventuring it is important to just hang out and relax.

Later that night we decided against attending a house party and instead went to female empowerment/body loving experience. It was held in a beautiful dance studio downtown and we were not sure what to expect. Jordan was the one that suggested that we go when she heard that we were feminists. It was an experience that I have never had before! About 25 women of all walks of life showed up. First we sat around in a circle shouting out our fears and then saying what we wanted to get out of this experience. Next we partnered up with a stranger and had to stare into their eyes for two minutes. This took me out of my comfort zone, but having to "talk" to someone with only your eyes is a really powerful experience. We did this with two different partners. Then we all stood in a circle with our eyes closed and had to touch a part of our body that we didn't like. Then we opened our eyes and saw that we were not the only one to have body insecurities. This was probably my favorite part! Afterwards, we danced free style to release our inner child, inner goddess, inner goofball, etc.  I am not a dancer at all, but I had so much fun! It was crazy to see grown ass women running around doing whatever the fuck they wanted in a group of women who supported them.
After that amazing experience we hit up a gyro food truck, because it was late and we were hungry.
I somehow fucked up my calf muscle too.
Apparently, I need to start stretching, before I dance my ass off.

Our last day in Portland was a laid back one.
We went to the Living Room Theater to watch a movie, had coffee at Powell's, and dipped our toes in a splash pad while reading. We got a little lost, but that just meant we got to explore more of the city!
When we returned Michael had begun a documentary on the 90s, which was great and we all watched that for a bit! Then we hopped on a train to go get ice cream at Salt&Straw. They had some crazy flavors like goat cheese, pear w/ blue cheese, strawberry balsamic w/ black pepper(I ended up with this one), honey lavender, and even olive oil. We walked back to Michael's instead of taking the train again. Victoria, Jordan, and I really bonded over our travels and shared stories about everything under the sun during our walk back. I love walking at night in big cities!

Portland you treated us well.
I look forward to returning one day!

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