Friday, July 17, 2015

San Francisco, California: Hippie Hill and Baker Beach

We decided that we did our fair share of saving California water during this drought.
After 4 days of not showering we snuck into a yacht club and used their showers.
Thank you imaginary rich uncle!
Living on a sailboat is great, except for the lack of running water and electricity.
After our much needed showers we went to Amoeba Music.
This place was huge and filled with so many records!
It is a music lovers dream.

We grabbed picnic food at Whole Foods and walked to the Golden Gate Park.
Hippie Hill became famous in the 1960's and it is where the hippies would go smoke weed and hang out. Today people sit on the hill and continue the tradition even though it is illegal the cops don't care. We arrived and a few groups of all different ages were smoking. 4/20 a huge gathering is held at the hill. The people watching was great! We started talking to a group of guys who offered us a joint. When in Rome, do as the Romans! In our case, when on Hippie Hill, do as the hippies! So we got high in public on a hill that holds a lot of history. 

We then went to Baker's beach...baked. 
It was cold so we didn't stay long.

Back in Sausalito, we did our nightly routine of dinner and hanging out at Starbucks to charge our stuff.

I can't believe our time in San Fran ends tomorrow!
San Francisco did not disappoint and I look forward to returning one day.

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