Saturday, July 18, 2015

San Francisco, California: The Sailboat

We couch surfed with a guy named Aaron in Seattle.
When we told him that we didn't have a place in San Francisco to stay he offered his sailboat to us.
Of course he would have a sailboat that we could stay on.
This just shows how awesome couch surfing is!
It's a community of strangers helping each other out and becoming friends.

Her name is Feolena and she treated us well.
When we arrived there were was no place to park, because you needed a parking pass, which was reserved for boat owners. We parked any way and of course immediately get yelled at. After explaining our situation we find out that we were talking with the actual marina owner. He apparently liked us and after saying, "You three are just being young and foolish girls" allowed us to park our car and promised not to tow it away! Score.

It was so nice that each of us had a separate surface to sleep on!
It has been almost a month since I had a bed to myself.
I was sleeping next to a deflated life raft, but beggars can't be choosers!

We didn't have any electricity or running water during our stay.
So we had to walk to the marina bathroom which never had any toilet paper!
While we were drunk we just peed off of the boat, but doing that while sober wasn't an option.
We snuck into a yacht club nearby to shower.
We were roughing it!

The marina also had a cat running around.
We befriended her and named her Gold Digger, because she only came to eat our food.
So she used us and left. 

Our time on the boat was very memorable!
It makes for a great story and was a wonderful experience.
Lack of electricity meant we had our nightly routine of charging electronics at Starbucks and going to bed after the sun had set. 

Life is good!

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