Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seattle, Washington

We went from Glacier National Park to Spokane, Washington where we spent the night at a rest area. After a good nights sleep we continued on our journey to Seattle, Washington! It was time to meet our second host for couch surfing. Aaron has the most amazing house in Greenlake, which is a suburb in Seattle right across from a lake! This is like a 5 star resort compared to the car we slept in the previous night.

An Italian girl named Viviana was also staying with Aaron.
We all hit it off right away!
We swam in the lake for a while until Aaron finished with work.
Speaking about Aaron he sells art and he has sold for Mr.Brainwash aka Banksy's cousin.
 Aaron also owns a small marijuana farm.
So he's like a drug dealer...who legally does it.

We then piled into his Honda Element which didn't have the backseats in.
The Italian, three wisconsites, and our host from Seattle all headed out on an adventure.
Which sounds crazy, because Aaron and Viviana were complete strangers to us, but couch surfing breaks down walls real quick. 

He took us to the Hiram  M. Chittenden Locks to see the boats coming in from Puget Sound.
Then we headed to a restaurant called Ray's for seafood. 
Salmon taco's and clam chowder was consumed. 
After we ate way to much food we went to Discovery Park which use to be an old Army Fort, but is now full of hiking trails. We found ourselves at a beautiful lighthouse with Mt.Rainier in the distance.

Our 4 mile hike left us a little tired and the perfect cure for that is ice cream!
Molly Moo's is this cute ice cream place with crazy flavors like Earl Grey.
I got the blueberry lemon ice cream, which was amazing!
Viviana then thought she lost $20, which someone claimed to find, but instead the person handed her $40, which was clearly not her lost money. We couldn't return it to the person so we headed to the grocery store. We made up a game where everyone could just spend $8 and must buy something that everyone could use. Two bottles of wine, toilet paper, chips and dip, and a stuffed crust pizza was bought. Back at Aaron's we sipped on wine and talked for a while before a guy from New Zealand arrived. People from all over the world are here!

Our second day in Seattle we did a ton of tourist type things in the city.
Pike Place Market is probably Seattles #1 attraction besides the space needle.

We visited the first Starbucks location!
It has the original logo.

We stumbled upon the Gum Wall which is located in an alley.
It is disgusting when you think about it, yet really cool at the same time.

Pike Place Market has so much to see!
It was like a giant indoor farmers market.
There were guys throwing fish and fresh fruits and vegetables.
We also stopped at a used book store which was straight from a movie.
Victoria and I picked up a couple cheap books.

We had amazing clam chowder at a cute restaurant!
I have ate so much clam chowder on this trip.
It might become tradition to try it every place we go at this point.
So far Pike Place is in the lead!

Lastly, we saw the space needle!
It is huge.
We didn't want to spend the $20 to go to the top, but seeing it was cool.

After our busy day exploring the city we went back to Aaron's place.
Liv and Victoria went down by the park and I walked around the neighborhood.
The houses I passed were amazing!
I fell in love with the neighborhood.

We ate dinner at a place called Dicks.
Plenty of jokes were made about the name.
The food was good though!

Seattle has become one of my favorite cities!
I'm a huge city person and I felt right at home.
I could definitely see myself living their one day.

It was hard to say goodbye to our new friends.
Viviana is one of the sweetest Italians I have ever met.
I hope her traveling journey goes well and that one day our paths will cross again.
Aaron is one of the nicest guys ever!
I felt like we were old friends, instead of new ones.
He invited us to visit anytime!

Until next time Seattle....

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