Friday, August 21, 2015

Florida: New Symrna

I've been slacking at blogging about our adventures in Florida!
I may be watching a lot of Netflix and a cold is currently kicking my ass, but good times are still being had!
We ate at a cute placed called the Dandelion Communitea(not a typo) Cafe with Fiona, her boyfriend, and her friend Matt.
We also danced at a New Moon Drum Circle and ate churros at Tako Cheena's.
Hanging out with locals is the best!

We of course had to fit in a beach day!
We hit up New Smyrna Beach, which has become one of my favorite beaches here.
It isn't overcrowded with tourists, it is really clean, and you can actually drive your car right on the sand to park!

The waves were huge!
My favorite part of swimming in the ocean is playing in the waves.
I love diving underneath them or even letting them hit me full force.
I love them until I've been hit by ten in a row without a chance to make sure I'm not flashing anyone and/or catch a breath. 
Taking pictures with the GoPro is not an easy feat with crazy waves, but it was fun trying!

I'm not a fan of the beach, because of the sand that you end up finding in strange places for the next week, but I'd take the ocean over a pool any day!
I love that within a few weeks I've swam in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

Time always flies by at the beach!

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