Saturday, August 22, 2015

Florida: Rockin' Rhonda's

Our night began with pre-gaming at the house, while we ate dinner and got ready for our night out.
Of course it started down pouring just as we were about to leave.
We had to drop off Eva at Aubrie's house, before our night out.
Aubrie's drive-way is paved and gets very muddy when it rains.
So we of course got stuck with a car full of girls that just put a lot of time into how they look.
We made the guys stand in the rain and figure out the problem.

We finally got to Rockin' Rhonda's and the place was pretty empty and no music was playing.
Victoria and I were a little annoyed at first, but good thing we gave it a chance!
I mean it had a stripper pole in the middle of the dance floor...good times were bound to be had.

The bartender was an old bearded guy that was really nice, but liked to through out pervy comments as often as he could. Around 9;30, the locals finally showed up and the karaoke began!
Victoria and I got immediate shout outs and they made the "Wisconsin" girls sing first.
We met a sweet lady named Jennifer who always made sure I had a shot in my hand.

We danced, we sang, we drank, and we made new friends.
We pretty much represented Wisconsin in the best way we knew possible!
I felt a little bad, because we were not spending that much time with Victoria's family, but I think they enjoyed the show we put on. 
At least I think so from the stories they kept telling the next day...

Victoria's family was a little worried at first, because they have never experienced our magic at bars, but at the end of the night everyone was having a good time!

The night ended with the bartender cutting me off.
It was a first for me, but I decided it was because he was jealous of all the attention I was giving to an equally as old guy sitting at the bar.
Not my fault that I like being nice to everyone, Mr.Bartender! 
It also might be that I walked away when he mentioned wanting to slide me out of my leather pants.
Damn old pervy bartenders!

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