Sunday, August 9, 2015

Georgia: Peach Tree City and The Walking Dead

Our time in Georgia was very low key.
We stayed with Victoria's Aunt Pam and Uncle Stephen.
Their daughter Aubrie and grandson Kellen were also visiting.
They have a beautiful house in Peach Tree City.
We spent our time having deep talks about politics, feminism, raising kids, eating healthy,etc.
This entire trip we have had these deep conversations with almost everyone we have stayed with. 
It has been so wonderful!

Victoria's uncle is a camera man on The Walking Dead and we got to go on set!
We couldn't take pictures and had to sign a nondisclosure agreement promising not to leak any secrets. We were there for two and a half hours and they probably only get a few minute of footage done. They had to do retakes and get different camera angles. There were so many people working behind the scenes! We got to wear a headset and listen while watching the monitors with the producer and other important people. Seeing everyone fly into action when make-up was needed or the camera needed to be moved was crazy! I never realized how many people are behind the scenes and makes everything happen.

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