Monday, August 3, 2015

New Orleans, Louisiana: French Quarter, Lucky Pierre's Drag Show, Robert E. Lee Circle, and White Linen Party

Our second day in New Orleans was more low key.
We ate breakfast at Slim Goodies dinner and recovered from the night before for most of the night.
We went to Goodwill to buy white clothing, because our plan for the night was to attend White Linen Night.
White Linen Night is a night where they shut down a few city streets, get a few food/drink vendors, open the art galleries, and give an all white dress code. It is known as the warehouse districts mega art party. Downtown was just flooded with white!
We ate a lot of amazing food, got to meet some of Ian's friends from the film industry, and really just being able to participate in an event like this was great!
At the end of the night we found ourselves at Robert E. Lee Circle and snapped some pictures.

The next day we checked out the French Quarter.
New Orleans has so much history and is such a beautiful place!
I can't even explain the feeling of the city.
We walked up and down the streets.
There were all kinds of different shops and restaurants.
I had gumbo for the first time and it was amazing!

Louisiana really likes hot sauce.
Every shop we went to seemed to have a display of hot sauce!
We walked in the French Market for a bit.
In all honesty, we were dripping with sweat the entire time and had to dip in and out of the stores for air conditioning.
So we visited a ton of places I just couldn't name them all!

Voodoo is a big thing here in New Orleans.
The city also has a lot of "haunted" places and the graveyards are crazy cool looking!
Even though it made my mom mad that we were "dabbling" in black magic we visited a voodoo shop and lived to tell the tale!

My favorite thing we did was attend The Real Drag Queen's of New Orleans show at Lucky Pierre's!
We were just walking by and got handed a flyer which peaked our interest.
The show was phenomenal!

I was honestly a little jealous at how amazing these drag queens looked and they could dance like no other!
It was a great experience.
Our favorite dancer was named Echo and she kicked ass.
If you haven't seen a drag show I highly suggest it.
It is a lot of fun!

New Orleans you are full of good times.

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