Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Orleans, Louisiana: Po-boy and Bourbon Street

After driving for 8 hours we arrived in New Orleans around 8pm.
Victoria's cousin Ian lives in NOLA in a cute shot-gun style house.
We literally dropped our bags off at the house and started our night.
The first stop was a bar where we got to try the famous po-boy sandwiches, which were fantastic!
After satisfying our hunger for food, we decided it was time to quench our thirst.

Our first stop on the famous Bourbon Street was Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, which is one of America's oldest bars dating back to 1772.
We listened to the live music while sipping our daiquiri's.

We walked up and down the street taking in the sites.
When it was time to refill our cups we just followed the sound of a band and entered that establishment.

At one point I even found myself on a stage, because Ian convinced me to pretend it was my birthday.
I'm not a huge fan of crowds staring at me so you know I had one to many drinks.
Thank goodness I was with a group of people!
The great thing about New Orleans is that you can walk around the streets with alcohol in your hand.
We took that to our full advantage.

We walked a few streets down from Bourbon and sat on a piece of construction equipment just talking. Deep conversations are my favorite! 

We listened to so many great bands, danced our ass's off, got ourselves some beads, tried the famous hand grenade drink, visited an outdoor art gallery, and overall had a wonderful night.

The next morning my head was not thrilled with my choices, but it's not every day you get to party on Bourbon Street!

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