Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quotes from the road

Cheryl talking to her 11 year old daughter Seven
Cheryl: You can try smoking when you are 18...or even Christianity! I wouldn't recommend either, but I won't stop you.

Cheryl after having a lot to drink and almost falling
Cheryl: The ground is very uneven...I'm not really fucked up.

Who names restaurants any way?
Victoria: We are going to Dicks.
Aaron: Well if you guys are getting dicks tonight I might not even see you until the morning.

This guy summed up our entire trip
Marina owner: Three girls just being young and foolish.

When you are driving on the highway and really get into the story you are telling...
Victoria: You're going 40mph and everyone is passing you.
Cameron: I'm telling a story man! Just let them pass me.

Typical plans for a night in Texas
Julie: I'm taking the dog for a walk, I'll call the police, and then we can go to dinner.

When this is how you are introduced to your cousins friend...
Jen: I brought snacks, because I heard you are high!

When you grew up during a time that Jessica Simpson was influential...
Jen: I'm not a smoker, but I'm addicted to these nicotine lozenges. I'm addicted to something that people use to get rid of their addiction, all because of Jessica Simpson.

When you are 30 years old and about to shot gun your first beer...
Jen: Should I wear a hat? Do I need a poncho?

When you drop a dollar and a drag queen see's it...
Kookie Baker: Bitch, get that dolla'!

When a wino tries to follow the law, but fails.
Pam: I really shouldn't be offering you this, but I've seen beer cans in your hands on Facebook. Would you like a small glass of wine? (15 minutes later) Can you get me another bottle of wine? I might let you have some more.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Work, School, Home

Work update:
I had my first day at Starbucks today! It was the first time in 3 1/2 years that I've been the new person who doesn't know a thing. The place just happened to be understaffed during the morning rush so I got thrown into everything really quick. Besides that I had a pretty good first day!

School update:
I aced my first two exams in the actual nursing program! I studied my ass off and still had myself convinced that I was going to fail. It's such a good feeling when you take an exam and actually know the answers. I'm honestly expecting to have mental breakdowns every time before a big exam.
Nursing school is fun.

Home update:
Victoria and I had a fight about a pot. At the end, we realized how ridiculous we were being and had a good laugh about it! Living with your best friend gets interesting at times.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quick Update

It is now the middle of September. I have been back home for almost a full month now. Why does time go by so fast? School is in full swing. Between work and school my schedule leaves little time for much else. Speaking about work I finally quit Pizza Ranch! Victoria and I are now barista's at Starbucks. Yes, I am now living, attending school, and working with Victoria. If we can survive two months together on a road trip I think we can survive this. We have also been living together for one year now. That's pretty much the equivalent of surviving the first year of marriage. I've never had my life this intertwined with someone. This is definitely a time of my life that I will always look back on fondly, even though I'm sleep deprived and overwhelmed with school. That's a plus of rarely remembering the bad things when we think back on the past!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday was my only day off for Labor Day weekend, but I had the perfect work schedule that allowed me to fit all the weekend festivities in!

Friday night I headed up north with Shandell!
It was her 21st birthday.
We bar hopped the first night and took way too many shots.
I'm pretty sure it was Shandell's goal to order every fruity tasting shot possible, which I can't complain about!

We ended the night in her cabins garage drinking Bloody Mary's and finally crawled into bed around 4am. 

The next day we spent at the lake!
It was a beautiful day for drinking margarita's.
We swam out to the water trampoline and ended up taking a 45 minute nap.
We were definitely the life of the party at the lake!

Saturday night was spent drinking in different garages!
I absolutely love partying up north.
You don't need to party anywhere fancy in order to have a fun time.

I came home Sunday morning and headed off to work right away, which left me in day old make-up and a messy bun.
That was not very fun, but at least it went by fast!
Within 30 minutes I went from work to home to a wedding.
My classmate from high school married Victoria's old co-worker.

The wedding reception was at the Botanical Gardens.
The Bride and Groom looked amazing!
There was free wine, which we all consumed a lot of, except for our DD Anna!
Victoria and Anna had the grand idea to head up to Door County on a whim.
Six of us crammed into Anna's car, while still decked out in our wedding gear, and headed to Cave Point. We only had to pull over once to pee on the side of the highway!

The heels and fancy clothes did not stay on long.
We stripped down to our skivvies and jumped into the supposedly freezing water.
We were all pretty drunk and didn't notice the temperature, but Anna insisted the water was cold.

We went to a more secluded section and decided to go topless.
Klay so kindly captured the moment on my phone in a large variety of pictures.
Drunk girls make great decisions!
I honestly love how hilarious the pictures turned out.
I'll be putting those in a safe place to look at when I'm old and wrinkly.

We left Cave Point and headed home with a pit stop at McDonalds.
It was the first time Victoria and I have stopped for fast food in a month.
It didn't taste as good as I remember.

We went to get our cars at the Botanical Gardens only to find the gate shut.
We luckily found out that the gate wasn't locked and we could sneak our cars out.
The next morning I went into work exhausted and sore in interesting places.

I can't believe that summer is gone!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Junior year of college

We have returned to reality. 
Thank goodness reality involves some really great people and lots of alcohol!

Our first party back at our place was a great time!
We played card games, danced, and chugged beers.
Normal college stuff.

Junior year of college has already proven to be a lot more difficult than the previous two years.
Every one is stepping up their game and taking school more seriously.
It is nice that everyone is in the same mindset, but I have a feeling that our good times while not be as often.

It is crazy that we are half-way done with college.
We soon won't be able to blame our drinking habits on being college students.
When people joke around about us being alcoholics they will actually be concerned. 

Junior year here we come...