Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quick Update

I love working at Starbucks, but some days it's so crazy! Today, one of our two espresso machines were broken, which meant that everybody had to wait twice as long for their drinks. While this was occurring our printer at the bar broke, which means we had to write in the drink order on the cup, instead of just printing up a sticker to place on the cup. I have never done that before, so it was fun being thrown into doing that! The phone started ringing and when I looked at the manager she just yelled, "Answer it!" while I was attempting to take an order and write on a cup. Also, one car hit another car in the drive-thru. This all occurred during rush hour! We had piles of cups waiting to be filled and at one point our wait time was 30 minutes. We looked like a hot mess behind the counter!
We are hiring!

Victoria and I are house sitting my cousins place for a week. We have been looking forward to this for weeks! It is so nice having an entire house to ourselves! My cousin asked that we finish up all of the beer in the fridge, which is not a difficult request at all.

Nursing school is hell, but I'm doing decent in it so far!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Nursing School: Getting Felt Up

I'm currently taking a skills class. It's where I learn important basic nursing skills. I love learning how to do things, but every week I get tested on my new "skills" which is really stressful! It takes hours of practice to get some of these skills down and you become very close with your fellow classmates, because we are all practicing on each other. In class today, we were learning about heart sounds and different places on the body that you can listen to the heart. My group was confused about some of the locations and when we asked our instructor to show us I became the guinea pig. Her hands were all over my chest and in order to get an apical pulse she had to go right up under my boob. Once that was done we all proceeded to do the exact same thing to each other.There are no boundaries in nursing school!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Save the Women

Food for thought.

You never see "save the testes" campaigns, because it's easier to make a profit from sexualizing a women's body.

*Found the picture and quote from somewhere on Tumblr*