Friday, November 6, 2015

Starbucks and Clinicals

I have so many post ideas running through my head, but I have a limited amount of free time and blogging just doesn't always make the cut. I'm currently in Chicago breathing in a sigh of relief, because I finally have a weekend where I'm not studying for an exam or working at 6:30am. Victoria wanted to see Shakey Graves in Chicago and I needed to get out of Green Bay. Perfect excuse to forget about our crazy life and go have some fun! We are also staying at a hostel. Hopefully I find time to write about my first hostel experience.

I started clinical's this month. We have a brand new clinical instructor who has no idea what she is doing! So we are pretty much on our own with people's lives in our 1st semester nursing student hands. Yay! The first day we all felt like fish out of water, but day two was better, because we learned from our mistakes on the first day. If anyone wants a full head to toe assessment I can help you!
I always feel like I'm writing about what a nightmare it is working at Starbucks, but almost every day I work I come home with stories. I still love it, but I would really love for just one day to go smoothly. One day last week we had two people that didn't show up, the grinder started acting up again(so we had to bang on it with a spoon every time we used it), one of the espresso machines was acting up, and our computer's at the drive-thru decided to stop working. When we thought nothing else could go wrong we opened up the oven to find a huge piece of class on top of a sandwich. Apparently, the oven has a glass ceiling that cracked and broke. So we were all frustrated with nothing working and customers yelling at us. The cherry on top of the day was when Carolyn, one of the people that didn't show up for work, came into the store to order a drink. Our minds were blown and we all mean mugged her, until Macy asked why she wasn't at work. Apparently, she's not suppose to work Sunday's and decided just not to show up. Awesome!

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