Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Florida

Before our adventure in NYC, Victoria and I made a stop in Florida to celebrate Christmas with her family. Our time with her family flew by!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with her extended family. 
We had a lot of good laughs!
It's fun getting to know your friends family.
At this point Victoria and I have our lives so intertwined people aren't even surprised that we spend holidays together.

It was a perfect mini-vacation between school and our time in NYC.
We just relaxed, watched movies, and spent time with family.
Lounging around was exactly what we needed after the crazy semester we just had.

My sister facetimed me when our extended family got together for Christmas.
It was nice seeing everyone and I actually felt missed!
I'm starting to think it was a good idea to skip a Christmas with my family, because people got a chance to miss me. 

Our week just flew by and before we knew it we were right back at the airport about to start a new adventure...

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