Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 2: Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, New York Palace Hotel

We had a late start for our first day in the Big Apple, but still managed to cram in a ton of stuff. We bought an unlimited ride 7-day metro card for our time here, which was a brilliant idea! We took the subway and the buses so many times just in our first day that it has practically paid for itself already. We are pretty much subway pro's at this point.

Our first stop was Central Park, which was actually not on the list today, but we got lost and stumbled upon it. We ran into it again towards the end of the day as well. It was cold and rainy so we decided that exploring would have to wait for another day.
We walked around the Upper East Side for a bit while looking for a place to eat.
We picked a cute little cafe called The Barking Dog.
The girls of Sex and the City were filmed eating there during episode 13 season 2. 

When we were walking in a random direction we found 5th avenue!
We didn't do any shopping, but I'm sure we will in the very near future.
St. Patrick's Cathedral was beautiful!
It was a place we didn't have on our list, but just got lucky enough to stumble across.
Rockefeller Center was a must see place on our list.
The famous Christmas tree is up until January 7th!
All of New York City is still full of Christmas decorations, which I love!

It was a super crowded area with it being a popular tourist attraction and being right next to a ton of 5th avenue shopping stores. 
I'm proud of the brave souls willing to ice skate in fronts of thousands of people!
The next place on our list was the New York Palace Hotel.
As Gossip Girl fans it was a must!
A bus was preventing us from getting a good picture.

It felt surreal actually walking through the gate and into the hotel.
If only my parents were rich New Yorkers!
By this point we were cold, wet, and tired.
We decided to call it a night and head back to Brooklyn.
We stopped at a cute grocery store on the way home and bought a few groceries.
At home we watched Gossip Girl and ate pizza, which was the perfect ending to our day.

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