Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 3: Union Square, Museum of Sex, Grand Central Station, High Line, Chelsea Market

Union Square was one of my favorite places! The buildings are older and the whole place made me feel so happy. It wasn't a specific place on our list, but instead happened to be our subway stop while heading to the Museum of Sex. We stopped at Forever 21 for Victoria could pick up a new pair of shoes and I hunted down some contact solution at a close by Duane Reade. Our next stop was the Museum of Sex!

Straight from Wikipedia: "The museum focuses on a variety of sexual preferences and subcultures, including lesbian and gay history and erotica, BDSM, pornography, and sex work."

On one floor I was watching some of the first porn footage ever created and in a different area I was looking at the history of sex toys. My favorite place was the boob bounce house! I'm sure this museum is not everyone's cup of tea, but I highly suggest going if you are ever in NYC.

Next we took a train into Grand Central Station!
It was huge and so beautiful!
Pictures do not do this place justice.
You definitely have to experience it first hand in order to get the real feel of the place.

Right across the street from Grand Central Station is Pershing Square.
It's a cute restaurant where scenes in the movies Friends with Benefits and the Avenger's were filmed.
We were going to eat there, but with one glance at the menu we decided to walk out and find a place where salads are not $20.

After we grabbed quick bite to eat at Cafe Metro we hopped on one subway and a bus to Chelsea and the Meat Packing District. 
We went on the High Line.
It's an old above ground railway that the city turned into a walking path.
It's a beautiful bit of nature in the middle of all the craziness.

It was beautiful seeing nature reclaim itself.
The view was spectacular and the walk itself was pretty long so you got to see a lot.
Chelsea has some really artsy modern buildings as well if you are into architecture!
In the same area of the High Line is Chelsea Market!
No picture could capture how adorable the inside of the market was.
Take my word for it and just go to it, especially if you are hungry and looking for cute places to eat!
After our long day we ended back to Brooklyn.
For dinner we ate at a cute Indian restaurant on our block.
We started talking with the lady who was sitting next to us.
She gave us some really great suggestions on places to go!
People are so friendly here.

After Victoria hunted down some chocolate we went back to our warm apartment.
Another day down in the books!

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