Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nurses never sleep

I may or may not have forgotten about my blog the entire month of November.
Life just got in the way and my free time was spent doing other things. 

Victoria and I decided that we needed to have a party.
Being an adult with jobs and juggling school has made our schedules crazy, but we did manage to find a night where we both had off, which is next to impossible!

Texts went out, alcohol was bought, and the dust came off our deck of cards. 
Apparently, Victoria and I were not the only ones that needed a stress reliever!

Nursing school is 24/7.
My friend Emily from school joined us. 
It was fun going from taking care of old people and learning how to insert catheters to drinking way too much and pulling out our nursing gear. 

Perfect night in the middle of our chaotic semester!

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