Tuesday, December 29, 2015

NYC: Day 1

Traveling cheap means you often run into fun situations that you could avoid if you weren't traveling cheap. For example: Victoria and I were on different flights to New York even though we left from the same airport in Florida. This occurred because we bought cheap tickets. So I got to take a nap on the airport floor, because Victoria's plane left 3 hours before mine. We also flew into two different airports in New York/New Jersey. 
Victoria got an uber to take her to the apartment we are staying in.
It was a super easy process for her so I decided to do the same.
My journey was less than perfect.

First, the wrong uber driver picked me up, but we didn't know that at first.
So while I was in essentially a complete strangers car he gets a phone call from the person he was actually suppose to pick up. 
After he freaks out, he decides to just change to be my uber driver and attempts to change it on my phone. He does this while driving and swerving in and out of the lane.

The uber driver I was suppose to have keeps calling and my new uber driver keeps hanging up on him. At that point I was convinced I was going to be kidnapped and murdered.
My uber driver gives up trying to figure out the uber app and I tell him I'll just pay him in cash.
He looks up the cost of a typical uber drive from Newark to Brooklyn, which is between $84-104. 

I don't have that kind of cash on me so I tell him I need to go to an ATM.
Once we get to Brooklyn he pulls up next to a bank and hits a parked car!
He then proceeds to drive away and says, "We can't use this bank anymore!"
So now I am part of a crime.

We pull up to a new bank and I insist on taking his phone with me.
I was not about to leave my bags in this strange guys car without having some collateral. 
He hands over his phone and jokingly asks if I want to take his scarf as well.

I finally arrive at my destination.
I insisted I would only pay him $60, because of the disaster I just dealt with.
He only tries to up the price once, but once I mention that Uber has no idea this transaction even occurred, he settles for my $60.

I get to the coffee shop that Victoria was at.
She had already made friends with the young barista named Doris.
I tell them about my adventure while drinking some coffee.
After making plans with Doris for later in the night we head over to our AirBnB.
After settling in we met up with Doris again.
She had us watch the coffee shop for her, while she started to close up!
Being from Wisconsin makes you trustworthy apparently.

Doris invited her friend JD to join us for dinner.
When we were walking it started to hail.
We ate at the Kimchi Grill and had some amazing tacos!
We talked to Doris and JD about every topic under the sun.
I felt like they were lifelong friends and nothing was off limits.
New Yorkers are pretty awesome!
Doris and JD then took us to the local bar called Crown Inn.
We drank a lot of cider and ended up meeting two guys from Serbia. 
When Doris and JD had to leave Victoria and I stayed and talked with the guys.
I'm definitely a nerd when it comes to conversations and Europeans can keep up!
Victoria and I stumbled back home in the AM.
We had the perfect introduction to New York.

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